Ralph Kaighin 1630

Submitted by: Joyce Parsons
Date: 14 December 2015

Episcopal Will, 1630, Michael 

Testamnte Ralfe Kaighen quo obit. 25th 8 bris ber [October]: 
Hee left his goods to his 3 cildren [sic] vz Tho: 
Hugh & Jonye Kaighen ___ [infant] hee left 
execut: probatu __ Testes Tho: 
Wm Asnahap? 
The next of 
kin on ye fathers syde Sworne 
& appointed Supervisors 
Invent: 3 qtrs of __ cowe wth ye houshold stuffe all 
wth __ ____ free to the children: 
Jo: Gell Sonne of Rich: Gell standeth bonde one childs pte 
being 4 s &? Tho: Kaighen of KK Michaell of Scaristall the 
bonde for the other 2 childrens ptes Sub pena Double valew 
___ ___ ___ testurie? the ___ & to bee truly answerable 
[the rest is unreadable for me] [the remainder is upside down and was the start of the will of William Q] 

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