Robert Kaighin 1637

Submitted by: Joyce Parsons
Transcription byJoyce Parsons, Frances Coakley and Greg Kaighin
Date: 14 December 2015

Also marriage contract of Eleanor Kaighin and Patrick Cowley

November 7 1637 

Articles of mariage & covenants considered 
uppon at ye Contracon of Pat: Cowley of KK 
Michaell pish & Ellin Kaighen of St. German prish 
Imp yt is covenanted yt ye sdd Patrricke 
shall come to St. Peeters [ch?] Holmt & there 
marry if God prmitt before Xrstmas next 
Itm 1 Robte Kaighen hath promissed & cov- 
enented to give unto the Sd Patricke re- 
leyce with his daughter for her dower of [?] 
qurtr of lords land called ye moarie more lease 
of ye yerlie rent 6s 6d wth Intacks of Xij d 
@ annid belongeing to ye sd farme & all other 
easements whatsoevr to ye farmee aptaining 
provided yt if ye sd Ellin die wthout issue 
that then the halfe of ye sd tenemt 
qrter after shall returne to ye sd Ellinor 
her executors [?] or law full heyres in ye 
halfe for the sd Patr Cowleys and 
heyres for ever. 
Itm the sd Robte doth further give to 
sd Patr wth his daughter Ellin afforsd 
an able or sufficient oxe An milch cowe 
age over [?] 3 yeres olde a 2 yeres ewe 
at Maye 4 sheepe iiij lambes 4 mutton 
2 yearlinges & xiiij teene mosse [?] for a wedding 
dinner & £10 in money 2 blankets 2 sheet 
In honor and consydderacon of all wch ye 
sd Patr & Ellin have relinquished and sur- 
rendered theyre right either now they 
or hereafter may have with the ffarme 
of ye sd Robte Kaighen at Glanbrony but that 
ye sd Robte may (for wante of) peymt give ye 
same unto his othr daughter or da.... 
Jaine Quaye moth [?] to ye sd Patr give 
& grant unto her Sonne An ox & a 
cow at Maye next. 
In the true and in the pformance ye pts 
___ the foresd pties have Subscribed 
& or signed mannall ye daye & yere 
above written. 
Robte Kaighen 
his signed mannull 
cu uxor_____ A 
Patr: Cowley 
Ellin Kaighen 
Jaine Quaye 
Wm Kaighen 
Jn: Shimin 
Tho: Kaighen 
Tho: Kenniogh 
__ Cowley 
Ellin Cannell 
Tho: Quaye 
Gilbte Kaighen 
Wm Colnahan 
13 Junij 1655 
This is left upon record for that the contract 
prmisses herein mentioned relatinge to servrall [] 
They may have copies thereof to produe [?] as men 
shall require. 
Rich[ardu]s Tyldesley Cleris Rotul 

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