Joney Lawson alias Christian 1670

Submitted by: Brian Lawson, updated by Joyce M Oates
Date: 23 September 2001, updated 4 February 2018
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Summary: son Richard Lawson, son John, dau Margaret, dau Catharine in Ireland, husband is not mentioned, dau Ann 
will of husband: ArW 1668A #64 Lezayre, of Edward Lawson, died about 15 December 1668: wife Joney Lawson alias Christian, 
children, son Richard Lawson, godson Robert Curghey, Mr Edward Christian

June ye 15 1670 Maughull In dei nomine The last will and testament of Jony Christian alitr Lawson who depart- ed this life the 26th Aprill 1670. Itm she recommended her soul to God and her body to Christian buriall. Itm to her sone Rich Lawson 18d. Itm to her sone John and Margaret Lawson one cow. Itm to John Lawson a suite of cloases and a shirt. It to her daughter Marg Lawson a red petticoate. It to her daughter Katherine in Ireland 6d legasie. It she constituted and appointed her deare and welbeloved daughter Ann Lawson her true and Lawful Executrix of all the rest of her goods move- able and unmoveable Probatum et solvit xijd testes ...ull Kerrish } Thomas Cottery } jurati The whole inventory beinge taken and rated by the Sumnr and four sworne men amouts to ................ £09 13s 00d The executrix at age & hath given pledges secundis forma legis Wm Cray and Dan Keroush May 13th 1671 Rich Lawsone enters his claime against ye executorship of his mother Jony Christian for the summe of £00 8s ... due debt as he can make to appeare and craveth tryall.

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