Ellin Cowle alias Cowle 1670

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Archdeacon Will 1670A #115 Maughold will of Ellin Cowle alias Cowle, died 6 March 1670/1:
Summary: husband xxxx Cowle is not mentioned, son Edmund Cowle, dau Ann Cowle, dau Joney Cowle, brother William Cowle,
witnesses: John Kneale & Ewan Christian,      pledge: John Kneale
Maughold parish register:  Ellin Cowle    buried 7 March 1670/1
?husband & son: 1666 Liber Vastarum, Maughold:  Robert Cowle & wife had a parcel of intack of 2d yearly rent belonging to 
Lewaige treen, & it descended by right to Edmund Cowle, son of Robert, who sold 1d rent to William Kewley, soldier, who 
was entered for the 1d rent in 1666.
       ?Episcopal will books 1659-1666 Maughold,  will of Robert Cowle

[torn]------ March ye 16: -------- Maughold [torn]----- will & testament of Ellin Cowle; Imprs: she committed [torn]----- soule to God, and her body to Christian buryall; Itm: to her [torn]-----hter Ann six pence Legasie; Ittm: to her sone Edmond [torn]-----asie and ye old wales or house stead in ye possession of [torn]----- Cowle if her said sonne Edm: would live in it duringe [torn]-----fe ----e should possess it without molestation; but [torn]----- ---s eath she did bequeath it unto her daughter Jony [torn]----- to her Executr: Itm: the ground wch she would unto her Brother Willm: Cowle, for wch she hath not as yet received any thing considerable or equivalent unto what she contracted with him for; Therefore she doth hold ye said bargane invalid and bequeaths it unto her children Edmond, Ann & Jony Cowle if they can recover it by course of law [torn]-----constituted her beloved daughter Jony Cowle her true executor of all ye rest of her goodes [torn]----- Jo: Kneale } The execur sworne in forme of law Ewan Christian} jurati pbatum et solvit 4d Invent included in ye will exceptinge a sheep & a geese [torn]-----oods in ye custody of ye execr & hath given [torn]----- secunda forman legis Jo: Kneele

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