Philip Ratcliffe, 1670

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Date: 6 August 2008
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Episcopal will 1670 No.66. Summary: Wife is alive, eldest son married, unmarried children William (of age), Mally and Catherine (under age)
     KK Andrews

Philip Ratcliffe deptd this life about ye xxxth[30th] of November 1669 intestate
whereof the Church having intelligence hath decreed his children Wm Mally
and Kath Ratcliffe Adminsgtr of all his goods moveable and immoveable wtsoever
and ye 2 sonnes who are at age are to be Supervisors of the two daughtrs who are
under age.
Wm Ratcliffe hath delivered up his interest in ye Administrator ... in ye face
of ye Cort and yt mother hath also refused  therefore (if the eldest sone who is
at age and married will not Administer) the Generall Sumner is to take ye care
& pay ye creditor peni pound like

Salvo tamen vincuig pro jure
                                      £    s    d
Inv praised by 4 sworn men comes to  00 - 01 - 06 

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