Christian Curghey als Creen als Callow 1670

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 13 October 2017
Original: 0106203

Transcribers note: The following 'will' was written sideways on the page, and then crossed out because she was still alive:
Archdeacon Will 1670A #001 Arbory, of Christian Curghey alias Creen alias 
Callow alias Ca----n[?], who is still alive, not in the Old Typed Index:
Summary:  dau Isabel Corrin alias Creen, husband Curghey, also Edward Callow and Catharine Callow (?children)

In ye name of God Amen, I Christian Ca-----n alias Churghy of perfect memory of p------[torn] be God. I leave to my daughter Isable Creene alias Corrin two best peticots, & all my small linnen cloths; Itt: I cutt off Edward Calow & Katherine Calow wth 6d apeece legate; lastly I constitute & appoint my deare husband Gilbt Churghy my will & Lawfull ex ecutor of all ye rest of my goods moveable &n unmoveable whatever wittnesses hereunto the woman yt alive Willm Cowne John Crellin vicar

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