Edward Christian 1670

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Date: 1 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #013 Onchan, of Edward Christian of Bemahague, 
Summary: son Daniel, brother Patrick Christian, son John, wife Ann Finch/Vinch, dau Joney, son Thomas (off the Island), dau Alice, dau Isabel (?married) 
Onchan parish register:   Edward Christian, Bemaughad   buried    20 February 1669/70

KK Conchan The last will and testament of Edward Christian Beemaughagg: first he comitted his soule to Almightye God & his body to Christian buriall; Ittem: he bequeathed to ye poore of ye usuall time of fir: of mault & 1 fer: of meale & 1 sheep; Ittem: he left to his son Don: Christian halfe the teame of oxen & ye cropp of corne & dj of all ye husbandry geares belonging to ye ffarme; Itt: he left to ye said Don: dj ye seller in Duglas And he ye said Don: to pay his uncle Patr: Christian what moneys is comming to him; Ittem: he left ot his son Joh: Christian halfe ye house in Duglas where Mr: Guddin livd And his wife Ann Christian als Vinch hath given her full consent and assent of ye other dj of ye said house to ye said John after her discease; Ittem: he left to his wife Ann Xxian a choyce cow And what moneys she hath in her owne custody he left it to her selfe at her owne disposeing to give it to what child she will; Itt: he left to his daughter Jony Christian a heiffer Itt: he left to his son Tho: yt is abroad 6d Legasie & to cutt him of all ye rest of his goods whatsoever; Itt: hee left to John, Alice & Jony Christian all his pte of ye househould stuff & ye feather bed wth theire cloathes linin and woollen cloathes whatsoever; Ittem: he left to his daughter Issable Christian one young cow out of ye whole in leiue of ye moneys yt is comming to her from me & my wife; Ittem: he left to Sr Tho Thwaites one goate; Itt: he left his pte of ye new boards that is for a boat to his wife & to his son John; Itt: he left ye herring netts to Don: and John Christian his sons; Ittem he constituted and ordained his 4 children Don:, Joh:, Alice & Jony Christian his true and lawfull executors of all ye rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable whatsoever provided yt ye said Don: will give a shear of what sheep he hath in ye farme to ye rest of ye Executors to wch he is willing In testimoney hereof we have put to or hands & markes this 18th of ffebr 1669 The execr: sworne in Edwd: Christian his marke E Court in forme of Law Ann Christian als Vinch doe give her full consent & assent of ye said house to her son Jo: Christian Ann Christian her marke X ----ed in ye prsence of wittnesses pbatum et solvit ---: Thwaites xijd ---- Gawne jurati [next page] KK Conchan The Inventory of Ed: Christian was praised by 4 sworne men vid: Nich: Quiney, John Crow, Hugh Banck--- Tho: Cawne as ffolloweth £ s d Imprimis one young heiffer of a yeare old ....... 0 - 4 - ----[fold] Ittem: sheep & goats both young & old ........... 1 - 10 - ----[fold] Itt: 2 cows & qrter of a cow .................... 2 - 5 - ----[fold] Itt: ye disceadants pt of ye horses & mayres ..... 1 - 10 - ----[fold] Itt: ye disceadants pte of a featherbed .......... 1 - 0 - ----[fold] Itt: blanketts & caddows ......................... 1 - 10 - ----[fold] Itt: pewder & brass .............................. 0 - 5 - ----[fold] Itt: wooden vessells ............................. 0 - 5 - ----[fold] Itt: one sieme ................................... 0 - 2 - ----[fold] debts to be deducted out of ys abo----[fold] Inventory ye Summ of 20s debts due from certaine cro----[fold] ffrom ye executors of Mr Tho: ----[fold] ye summ off 15s The execr: at lawfull yeeres & the goods in yer owne custody & Donll: have given pledge Willm: Cannell & Alice have given pledges Sr Tho: Twatch, Tho Christin pledge for Joh: X?t----[fold] & Danill Scarffe p Jony Christin June ye 7th Joh: Caine enters against ye execr for 5s due debt & allso for xs[10s] in the behalfe of ye child

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