Thomas Cowin 1670

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Archdeacon Will 1670A #015 Lonan, of Thomas Cowin, died 28 March 1669[sic, 1670]:
Summary: wife Marriad remarried by March 1670/71 to William Cannon; sister: Ellin Fargher alias Cowin, also: William Cowin, James Stole/Stowell, William 
Stole/Stowell & his wife & son James Stole/Stowell, Marriad Cowin, Margaret Cannell, Jane Cannell, Hugh Corcan, William Cowin, Gilbert Teare, Ann Cubbon

Lonnan The last will and testament of Tho: Cowine whoe departed this life March 6 28th 1669 First He bequeathed his soule to Almightie God and his body to christian buriall Item: To ye poor to be distributed at Alhallowtide a boule of malt, halfe a firlett of wheate, 2 muttons and a sheep, and further his executrixe to distribute of oate meale as there would be poore to receive it Item: To his sister Elin Ffargher alis Cowine a tenn= shillinge peec of gould Item: To Wm Soile his wife & his son James Stoile 3 oxen equally between them Item: To Wm Cowine & James Stoile equally between them 6 goates & 8 young sheep 2 yeares ould Item: To Marriott Cowine 4 sheep & 2 goates Item: To Margarett Cannell 2 sheep Item: To Jane Cannell a sheep Item: To Hu: Corcan a steere Item: To Wm Cowine a red petticoate his best hatt his shoes and stockings & a new shoot of black russett Item: To Gilb: Tear a mutton, To Ann Kubbon a sheep Item: To ye miniser of ye pish a mutton Item: He constututed & ordained his wife Mariott Cowine his lawfull executrix of all ye rest of his goods moveable and immoveable. He being admonished by ye witnesses further to consider if he had any more to doe, he made answer yt he had not, and yt this will should be his last will; & though he made seven wills as one will; yett this is ye will that he would have to stand; and further being asked who he would have his wife to leave -----[dark] goods to at ye last day, made answer that to them that she best findes Gilbert Tear debts due to him from Jane Moore 20s Testes { Margarett Cannell --- Phi: Brew 30s from Dan Cowine 20s jurati { Ann Kubbon --- Dan Qualteraugh 10s [next page] The names of ye defuncts Katherin Cannell ffeb: 18th John Christian March 19th Tho: Cowine March 28th The executrix within named sworne in Court in forme of Law ptabum est et solvit xijd The Inventory of ye within named Tho: Cowine given in and praised by 4 sworne men vid Pat: Quine, Gilb: Teare, Dan Xtian, & James Corrin as followeth Halfe a fedder bed & a buster } praised to ...................}.......... 00 - 05 - ----[fold] 3 blanketts 2 sheets 2 canvass } 2 pewter dishes & halfe a barrell }..... 00 - 19 - ----[fold] praised to ........................} smale vessells praised to .................. 00 - 02 - ----[fold] Halfe a ladder with creeles and carres...... 00 - 02 - ----[fold] other smale vessells ....................... 00 - 00 - ----[fold] halfe of ye plowing geares ................. 00 - 00 - ----[fold] The catle sheep goates & horses ............ 06 - 06 - ----[fold] In monies .................................. 01 - 10 - ----[fold] besides ye monies wthin mentioned wch is 04 - -- ----[fold] Mar ye 6th More added by Willm Cannon her now husband .....0 - xjs - ----[fold] 1670 yet its deford till his wife come to make it good; assented to by ye wife The goods in the custody of ye execut: & have given pledges secundum forman legis Tho: Brew & Joh: Creer

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