Jane Kewley alias Quay 1670

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Date: 1 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #018 Lonan, of Jane Kewley alias Quay, died 4 November 1670: 
Summary:  husband James Kewley, brother William Quay, brother Christopher Quay, sister in law Joney Quay alias Christian, 
mother Elizabeth Quay alias Jackson, brother Robert Quay, also Alexander Quay
will of father: ArW 1668A #09 Lonan, of William Quay:  sons William (has a contract bargain) and Christopher, 
John Quay of Glenshast, grandson John, dau Jane (underage), son Robert, wife (Bessy Quay alias Jackson)
will of sister in law Joney: ArW  1708A #1, Lonan: of Joney Quay als Christian, died about 9th Feb 1708/9: 3 sons John & Thomas & 
Christopher Quay; son in law Patrick Killey or Killip; dau Jane Quay; 3 daus Joney & Isabel & Catharine Quay; husb William Quay

KK Lonon At Duglas feb 27: 1670 The last will and testament of Jane Kewley alis Quay who departed this life ye 4th of November 1670 first She bequeathed her soule to almightie God & her body to Christian buriall Item To her husband James Kewley three pounds flax lin Item To her brother Wm Quay fortie shillings Item To her brother Xtopher Quay thirtie shillings Item To her sister in law Jony Quay alis Xtian a shoote of her cloathes Item To her husband James Kewley a shute of black rusett of ye cloath yt was in ye walke milne Item To her mother a rideing=hudd or a laughton peec of cloath yt was in ye walke milne Item She constituted and ordained her mother and her brother Ro: Quay her lawfull executors of all ye rest of her goods moveable and immoveable Testes: { Ro: Cluage { { Phi: Kissage { jurati The mother of ye execr sworne in form of law 6e other under yeeres veto xxxx the mother is sworne to be true The execrs at lawfull yeeres are sworne in form of law The Inventory of ye above Jane Kewley praised by 4 sworne men vid: Hen: Hogg, Wm: Ffargher, Phi: Ffargher & James Quill as followeth £ s d 6 barrells praised too.... 00 - 12 - 00 halfe a barell of salt 00 - 3 - 00 halfe a quarter of a boat 00 - 1 - 6 a pair & a halfe of nets 00 - 2 - 6 halfe a house ............ 00 - 6 - 00 15 sheep hogs and muttons 1 - 00 - 00 2 yeards & a halfe of } fine linen .......}... 00 - 2 - 00 3 yeards of raw cloath } in ye weavers keeping} 00 - 2 - 00 a blankett ............... 00 - 4 - 00 a quarte of hemp ......... 00 - 1 - 00 halfe a yeard of cloath... 00 - 0 - 9 ye sume of ye ..}......... 00 - 14 - 00d ----- --------} The goods in ye custody of ye execur & hath given in pledges secunda forman legis: Will Quay her son & Allexander Quay more aded to ye Invent by ye husband in moneys & gold 5£ - 9s - 0d The husband sworne in form of law At a Court in Duglas ffeb 28 1670 [next page] feb 27th 1670 James Kewley in the face of the Court hath declared & allso is ----- readye to depose yt he counted 40£ in one bagg & yt his wife shewed 2 baggs more, with 20£ apeece in ym; Elsabeth Jackson his mother in law acknowledged in the face of ye Court yt he never counted out 40[?4d] himselfe

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