John Kinnish 1670

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Archdeacon Will 1670A #021 Santan, of John Kinnish, died 24 April 1670:
Summary: wife Joney Christian died just before him, dau Margaret, grandson Philip Fargher, dau Catharine (underage, of age by 1674), eldest son John, dau Ellin
will of wife: ArW 1670A #020 Santan, of Joney Kinnish alias Christian, died 24 March 1669/70: dau Joney Kinnish, dau Margaret, 
youngest dau Catharine; dau Ellin, son John, witness & husband John Kinnish is dead when will proved
will of daughter: ArW 1675A #104 Santan will of Ellin Moore alias Kinnish, died 15 December 1675: husband Philip Moore, sister: Joney Fargher alias Kinnish

In the name of God Amen, I John Keenish sick and weake in body but whole and perfect in memory praysed be God doe make this my last will and testementt in forme and maner as falowing: first I committ my soule unto the hands of Allmighty God and my body to Christian buryall; Itt: I leave to the poore att time ussuall 3 sheeves of malt, one muton; Itt: I leave to my daughter Margret Keenish a sheep and a lambe; Itt: I leave to my grandchild Philip Farcher one mare coalt; Itt: I leave to my daughter Kathern Keenish halfe a heffer out of the whole besides her share with the rest of the children; Itt: I leave to my eldest son John Keenish all my lands with all the geeres belonging to husbanddry; Itt: I constitute and ordaine my 3 children viz: John Keenish, Elline Keenish & Kathern Keenish sold executors of all my goodes movable and unmovable what soe evel The executors at yeeres sworne in Court & allso Sup= visor of the child under yeeres wittnesses to this my last will Xpher Gick his mark X jurati Tho: Kissagh his mark X The Invent in ye leafe following pbatum et solvit 1s [next page] June ye 8th 1670 Jo: Quine enters his claime against ye execr of Joh: Kenish & Jony Kinish alis Xtin for a steere of a yeere & halfe old, a holy day blankett, & a calfe of --- ----ing [next page] Stt Anne 1670 The Inventory of the goods Jony Keenish allias Christian who departed her life the 24th of March 1670, and Allsoe the Inventory of hir husband John Keenish who departed his life the 24th of Aprill and is praysed by 4 sworne men viz: John Caine, Tho: Kinley, Xpher Gick, and Hugh Calow: Itt: 8 beastes of cattele betwene cowes and oxen heiffers and calves 4£s 8s; Itt: sold mares one old hors 2 coaltes 30s; Itt: 38 goates 38s; Itt: 26 in muttons sheepe hoges and lambs 26s; Itt: 2 new blankett 8s; Itt: 3 yards of sack and 10 yards of raw cloath 6s; Itt: 2 ffledges and 3 old blankets 4s; Itt: 3 seetkes---[?] one canvish 4s; Itt: treene vessels 12d; Itt: one barell 2 stoones and 2 tubes 3s; Itt: one iron pott 2s; Itt weightes and sheves 6d; Itt: one bed stock 6d, one poule 4d, Itt: one wheele stock and a doore 4d; Itt: on quart of black woole 10d; Itt: one woollen wheel 4d; Itt: in yarne and hempe 3 pound 3d; Itt: 2 kercheefes one muffler one apron 16d; Itt: 3 old bages[?] 2s The Invent of John Kenish included in ys Invent, & all the tuitione of the children under yeere goods all in the custody of the children at yeeres, & ave given pledges secunda for= man legis Joh: Caine & Tho: Kissage July 12th 74 Cath: Kinnish at yeeres have ys day acknowledged herself to have received all her pt of goods due to her by father & mother, & doth acquit & discharge the pledges Cath: Kinnish M

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