Elizabeth Quayle alias Maddrell 1670

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Date: 1 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #024 Malew, of Elizabeth Quayle alias Maddrell, dated 2 January 1670/1: 
Summary:  dau Ellin Norris, dau Isabel Caveen, son Tho Quayle, vicar Thomas Parr
Malew parish register:  Elizabeth Quaile als Maddrell    buried    3 Feb 1670/1
?? Malew:   Elizabeth Maddrell married Oates Quayle about 1634 Malew
?? Malew parish register:  Oates Quaile     buried    28 Mar 1664
Malew parish register:  Isabel Quayle married Robert Caveen 12 May 1661 Malew
Malew parish register:  Ellin Quayle married William Norris  14 February 1664/5 Malew
see also: Archd wills 1686/7, Arbory Presentments: Ellin Norris alias Quail presented for calling the minister maddxxxxx craddagh as merliagh, 
acknowledged by her own confession before the Court. 2 days in xxx & ask forgiveness on her knees.   By Sam: Robinson.

KK Malew January 2th 1670 The last will and testament of Eliz: Quaile alis Madrell who comitted her soule to God and body to Christian buriall: Item she bequeathed to the poore a ferlett of barley; It: she bequeathed to Sr Tho: Parr a pecke of wheat; Item she bequeathed to her dau= ghter Ellin Norris her best petticoat; It: she bequeathed to her daughter Issable Caveene the rest of her cloathes; Item she bequeathed her part of the cropp of corne to her sonn Tho: Quaile, and constituted ordained and appointed him her lawfull executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever and yf any of her other children did trouble him for the cropp or any other thinge then she left them but 6d legasie apeece pbatum et solvit 6d Testes Thom: Parre { William Shimine { jurati The execr sworne in Court The Invent to be brough in but wt is expressed in the will: as appeares upon oath At a Court holden at Castletowne Mar: 1t 1670 At a Court in Castle towne Mar: ye xvjth 1670 Richard Bridson 9br 30th Nicho: Quackin Jan 7th Issable Quirke alis Taggart 10br 14th Eliz: Gellin als Bridson Jan: 8th John Quaile 10br 14th John Shurlocke Jan: 12th Issable Kewn alis Quay Jan 22th Eliz Quaile als Madrell Jan: 22th Jony Lazell febr: 14th Marrian Allin als Richee febr 24th a Scots woeman not naturaliz'd

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