Isabel Kewn alias Quay 1670

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Date: 1 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #027 Malew, of Isabel Kewn alias Quay: 
Summary:  husband Gilbert Kewn, dau Elizabeth, son Ewan
Malew parish register: Gilbert Kewne   buried  21 January 1674/5
Malew parish register: Issabel Kewne als Quay buried 22 January 1670/1

KK Malew 1670 The last will and testament of Issable Kewne alis Quay who comitted her Soule to God and body to X?ian buriall; Item: she bequeathed her quarter of the house to her son to putt him to a trade; Item she bequeathed to her daughter Eliz: a red petticoate and browne waistcoat yf her husband were willinge of it with halfe carchiffe stuff apron, and a litle whele; Item to her abovesd son a waistcoat to make him a doubblett and stuffe peticoat for to be to him a paire of drawers; It: 4 yards of hurden cloath there --- to her husband 3 yds and a yard to her sonn Item to her sd son 2lb of woole to be stockens and 4lb of tow; Item she bequeathed all the rest to her husband Gilbt Kewne The husband having delivered up the Test: Wm Preston } executorship in the face of ye Court therefore Dan: Kelly } the Generale Sumner is ordered to take charg Tho: Quay } of ye goods & to Administer for ye goods xxxstead: In regard ye Executorship is refused by the husband in ye face of ye Court, ergo the 2 children Ewan & Eliissabeth are ordered Admin= nistrators xxxxxxx ye daughter received her porcon from ye mother The goods of the sd Issable viewd & priced by foure swarne men to witt Wm: Preston, Dan: Kelly, Phill: Brew and Robt Quaile Inprmis: 2lb hempe 3d a canvest 10d a smock 10d dj blankett & ould coat 8d dj new blankett 18 dj fledge 16d ....................... 00 - 05 - 07 Ittm: dj churne & halfe 2 pailes 6d; dj pott 1s 4d ............... 00 - 01 - 10 Itm: dj the woodden vessells 3d dj 2 earthen muggs 3d ........... 00 - 00 - 06 Itm: dj sacke & canvest 1d flax & hempe seede 6 ................. 00 - 00 - 07 Itm: dj a carr 2d dj chist xijd dj bedsted 9d .................. 00 - 01 - 11 Itm: dj the lynyn cloathes 6d dj a maire 2s ..................... 00 - 02 - 06 One of the Admynistrators vizt Ewan Kewne hath refused ye Admynistracon in the face of ye Court: The Daughter Ellsabeth stands to the execrshp & is sworne in forme of Law at the Court holden in KK Xt Leyayre Mar. 7th 1670 pbatum et Solvit 8d The goods in ye execr custody & hath given pledges secunda forman legis John Standish & Ro: Cowl Tho ye goods at prsent is in ye fathers custody orders is given to deliver ym to ye executor

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