Isabel Quirk alias Taggart 1670

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Date: 1 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #028 Malew, of Isabel Quirk alias Taggart, dated 14 December 1670: 
Summary:  dau Margaret Quirk, husband alive, siblings: John & Nicholas & Catharine Taggart, Isabel's mother is dead
Malew parish register:  Issable Quirke als Taggart    buried    4 Dec 1670

KK Malew Decembr 14th 1670 The last will and testament of Issable Quirke alis Taggart who -----[fold] her soule to God and body to Christian buriall; Item she bequeathed -----[fold] the poore a ferlett mault, 2 kissans wheat and 2 kissans oate m-----[fold] and a sheepe; Item she constituted and ordained her child Margrett Quirke Executrix of all her goods moveable and unmoveable wtsoe-----[fold] and in case God did call for the child she said, then the goods would -----[fold] to her brethren and sisters and in case it did soe happen Then she w-----[fold] her cloathes wollen and lynyne wearinge to her sisters, Item bequeathed to her husband halfe an oxe Test: Ffinloe Quaile juratus pbatum et solvit xijd Rich: Quaile Supvisors yt is Jo: & Nicho: Tag-----[fold] John Taggart sworne in form of L-----[fold] Nicho: Taggart jurati The execur under yeeres The Inventory of ye goods ot ye said Issable viewd and priced by foure swarne men to witt Robt: Tagart Hugh Shimine Tho: Clarke and Ffinlo Duccan as followeth £ s d Inprimis a wheele and 3 piggins 2s a chist & mugg 1s .... 00 - 03 - 0-----[fold] Item a stone xijd dj pound yarne a laddle & dish 3d ... 00 - 01 - 0-----[fold] Item 2 carchifes xvjd 2 red petticoats and a ...} waistcoat xs[10s] a blankett & canvest 4s 6d ..}..... 00 - 10 - 1-----[fold] Item a carr 6d a maire and calfe xs[10s] ............... 00 - 10 - 00 Item a brood goose 8d, a quarter frome 6d ............... 00 - 01 - 0-----[fold] Item a goate & dj sheepe 18d a cow & heffer 1s ......... 01 - 02 - 0-----[fold] Ittem x[10] stookes of barley xs[10s] dj heffer 7s ..... 00 - 17 - 00 Item dj an old cow ts dj old blankett and spuds 14d .... 00 - 06 - 02 Item a tub 8d a mayres hide xijd ....................... 00 - 01 - 08 Itm: due to the exec: of ye mothers portion ............. 01 - 00 - 00 Debts to be deducted for funerall buriall and other thinge 9[?] 8s 4d Nor ye 2d (72) more aded by Joh: Taggart one of ye Supvisors & due to the said child by her grandmother } (1) a quarter of ye crop & her pt of a cow or of an oxe & some other things all amounts to } 01£ - 8s - 0 The goods of ye child under yeeres in the custody of ym at yeres yt is to say Jo: Nicho & Cathe Taggart pledges { Henry Quaile & according to law { Jo: Quiggin

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