William Cowin 1670

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Date: 1 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #029 Arbory, of William Cowin, dated 2 November 1670: 
Summary:  brother in Ireland, children William and Isabel Cowin, wife is alive; supervisor John Dawson (?brother in law); 
also: Richard Cowin, William Hingley's wife, Qilliam's wife, Major General Stevenson owes him wages
?a brother: ArW 1668A #01 Lonan of Thomas Cowin, died 14 March 1668/69: Ellin Cowin, Thomas Cowin, 
sister Ann, eldest brother William Cowin, brother Philip Cowin in Ireland

KK Arborie Novembr ijth 1670 The last will and testament of William Cowne who comitted his soule to God and his bodie to Christian buriall; Item acknowledged to be due from him to Rich:Cowne 4d; It: to William Hingleys wife 2d; It: to Quilliams wife in the towne 2d; It: he said that there is due to him from Major generall Stevenson 12s in wages and the said due to returne to himselfe agane with 3s more to make up the rent of the croft, Item said that he hath day moth of hay is paid for to the said Major Generall; It: he bequeathed 6d legacy to his brother in Irland in case he come in to sue for any of his goods to cut him of, It: he constituted ordained and apointed his children William & Issable Cowne executors, and left the children and theire goods to his wife Test Rich: Kneen juratus pbatum et solvit 6d ad carere Nicholas Kewley John Dawson sworne supvisor Tho: is to take ye oath to returne 1s to record The goods of the sd Wm viewd and priced by foure swarne men to witt Wm Knakle Tho: Cannell John Madrell & John Callin £ s Impris dj ye woodden vessells, earthen pott, & paire of ould shoes 00 01 00 Item more earthen and woodden vessells 9d dj pott 2s .............. 00 02 00 Item dj a churne 2d dj ould wheele 4d, his cloathes 9s 6d ......... 00 10 00 Item dj hempen pugh 4d; dj white blankett 18d dj course sheete 6d 00 - 2 04 Item dj 2 shirts 6d dj course sheete 6d, dj ould att 6d ........ 00 - 01 06 Item dj 9 yards of unwhitend lynyne cloath 3s 4d & raw flax 6d ..... 00 - 03 10 Item dj lynyne wheele 4d dj wights & sives 1d dj 2 chists 4s 6d . 00 - 04 - 11 Item dj fine hankes of yarne 4d ferlett barley 3s ................. 00 - 03 04 Item dj cow ad heffer 15s 4 quarts flax seed 2d hempe seed 30s ... 00 - 15 03 obt Item dj firdle & spade and turfe spade ............................. 00 00 03 summ 2 - 4 - 4 The goods in the custody of ye mother & hath given pledges secunda forma legis Joh: Dooson & Ro: Quaile [next page] Debts to be deducted out of ye Incent for funerall charges Church dues & other fees .......0 - 7s - 3d Nicho: Kewley one of ye witnesses lives in Joh: Cotter house in M-----[fold]

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