Richard Bridson 1670

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Date: 5 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #033 Malew, of Richard Bridson, died 30 November 1670:
Summary: wife Margaret Bridson, 3 daus Margaret & Alice & Ellin, son William, another dau (married Henry Bell), heir; 
also: John Bridson of  Ballavarrane, Philip Bridson, John Cubbon son of William Cubbon (John's mother is dead) 
Malew parish register:  Rich'd Bridson buried    30 Nov 1670
Malew bur reg: Cath Bell als Bridson bur 22 Sep 1692
? Malew bur reg:   Henrie Bell    buried     1 July 1688
? Malew bur reg:   Henry Bell    buried     22 Nov 1713

KK Malew Novembr 30th 1670 The last will and testament of Richard Bridson who comitted his soule to God and body to holy Church yard; Item bequeathed to the poore att Hallowtyde 3 halfe ferletts mault, dj ferlett oat meale, dj ferlett barley and a mutton; To the minister a mutton Item he constituted ordained and appointed his wife Margrett Bridsonn his true and lawfull executrix of all his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever and bequeathed to her alsoe all the lands with the cropp of corne for the full time and terme of seven yeares, And att the end of the said seven yeares his son and heire to have his part of the lands, wth the halfe cropp sawne; Item out of the said Executorship he willed that his three daughters to witt Margrett, Alice & Ellin Bridson shall have from theire said mother foure pounds apeece and Wm his sonn to have fourty shillings; further he willed that his said sonn and heire shall have from his said mother out of the said executorship att the end of the saide seven yeares his choyce oxe; Item he said that his daughter and Henry Bell is paid all theire portion save only 4 groats pbatum est & solvit xijd Testes John Calister} Robt: Gycke } jurati The execr sworne in face of law The Invent included in the will pledges secunda forman legis John Bridson ballavarrane & Phillip Bridson

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