Catherine Cuddy/Curry alias Radcliffe 1670

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Date: 5 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #34 Malew, of Catharine Cuddy/Curry alias Radcliffe died 22 December 1670: 
Summary: children Henry & John & Thomas Cuddy/Curry, sisters Mary & Margaret, Catharine Cuddy/Curry, brother Thomas Radcliffe, sister in law Ellin Quayle 
?Malew parish register:  Cathrin Ratcliffe    buried    22 Oct 1670
sister: Malew bur reg:   Margaret Cubon als Ratcliffe  buried 4 January 1667/68
will of sister: ArW 1667A #45 Malew of Margaret Cubbon alias Radcliffe, died 4 January 1667/68, husband William Cubbon: sister 
Catharine Radcliffe, sister Mary Radcliffe, sister in law Ellin Radcliffe alias Quaile, husband William Cubbon, son John Cubbon, 
Ellin Cook to be wet nurse to son John, John Bell of BallaQuayle and John Radcliffe junior brother of Henry are pledges

KK Malew Novr the 30th 1670 Decembr 22th 1670 The last will and testament of Cath: Ratcliffe who comitted her -----[fold] to God & bodie to X?ian buriall; Item she bequeathed to her sonn Tho: above the other children a quarter of a heffer that is with Wm Cubbon; She bequeathed to Tho: Kneens wife her litle whele; To Ca-----[fold] Cuddie a small apronn; It: to her brother Tho: a firr daile; Item to her sister in law Ellin Quaile a neck carchiffe, and halfe carch-----[fold] Item she bequeathed to her sister Mary ye petticoat that her sist-----[fold] Margrett bequeathed to her selfe; Item she constituted ordained -----[fold] apointed her children Hen: Jo: and Tho: Cuddie joynt and her Lawfull Executors The Execur sworne in forme Test: Tho:Taylor of Law Nicho: Quaile pbatum est solvit xd[10d] 2 of ye execr sworne in forme of Law The goods of Cathrine Ratcliffe viewed and priced by foure swarne men Tho: Taylor, Tho: Kneele, Edw: Shimine & Do: Clucas Inprimis 3 blanketts and fledge 9s-6d 2 petticoats & 2 } £ s d waistcoats 4s, blankett & waistcoat 1s ........}... 00 14 0-----[fold] Item 3 carchiffes 2s a sheete 3s 4d ..................... 00 05 0-----[fold] Item 2 halfe carchifes 2 hand carchiefes ................. 00 01 0-----[fold] Item a smocke coat & apron 1s, boards of ould chist 10d ... 00 - 01 -----[fold] Item som barrell boords 6d a paile and woodden vessels xxd 02 : 0-----[fold] Item 2 sheetes 2d a canvest 4d 2 stoones 8d sives 1d ...... 00 01 03 Item a churne 6d 4lb wollen yarne 18d som flax 1s ......... 00 03 0-----[fold] Item a pond of hemp & pond of hurd 4d dj cow 6s 6d...... 00 06 10 It: 2 ould basketts 1d, a kissan of flax seed 6d .......... 00 - 00 - 07 Item a ferlet oats xijd ................................... 00 01 00 Item a litle skallett and hingle 2d ....................... 00 00 02 Debts to be deducted To John Cubon son of Wm yt p yt she had of his mothers goods with ye rest --- beinge 7s Item for the buriall for ye takeinge of Inventory in all for ye pbacon of the will for ye funerall charges 2 of the execr vizt Henry & Joh: are sworne in forme & Supvisor of y child under yeeres the goods all in yr custody & hath given pledges secunda forman legis Tho: Ratcliffe & Tho: Bell

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