Joney Cubbon alias Maddrell 1670

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Date: 5 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #038 Arbory, will inventory, not listed in the Old Typed Index: 
Episcopal Will 1670E #030 Arbory, of Joney Cubbon alias Maddrell, dated 11 February 1669/70: 
Summary: son William Cubbon [wife Jane Quillin], husband [William Cubbon died before June 1663] is not mentioned; also: per ArW 1663A #144 Arbory 
of Thomas Corrin of Colby and the attached Articles of Marriage signed 8 June 1668, Joney had a daughter Joney Cubbon who married Henry Corrin 
(who died about 1665), ArW1665A #5 Arbory of Henry Corrin of Colby
will of father:  ArW 1642A #03 Arbory of John Maddrell, died 27 Dec 1642, made 18 Feb 1640/41: son John Maddrell, son Henry/Harry (has children), 
dau Joney, son in law William Cubbon (has children), dau Margaret, Robert Maddrell
will of daughter Joney's father in law:  ArW 1663A #144 Arbory, of Thomas Corrin of Colby, Arbory, died 6 January 1663/64, with land also at BalleyKilpatrick 
(Ballakilpheric, Rushen), wife is dead:  son Henry Corrin who has children (wife Joney Cubbon is alive), son Richard, illegitimate dau Ann Corrin (whose mother 
is alive), has land in Balley Kilpatrick; nephew Henry Corrin (his brother's son); Thomas Corrin the son of nephew Henry Corrin; Sir John Crellin vicar; 
dau Catharine's children including a son Thomas; Thomas Cloiag[Clague] is overseer (?and son in law); son Henry Corrin is another overseer
see Articles of Marriage (of Joney Cubbon & Henry Corrin) combined with above will ArW 1663A #144: 1663 Articles of Marriage between Henry Corrin (father Thomas) 
and Joney Cubbon (mother Joney Cubbon alias Maddrell, brother William Cubbon junior), dated 8 June 1663: Between Thomas Corrin of Colby on behalf of his son 
Henry Corrin on one part and William Cubbon junior and his mother Joney Cubbon alias Maddrell on the other part in behalf of Joney her daughter: Henry Corrin & 
Joney Cubbon will marry in Kk Arbory church August next.  Joney's brother in law John Quillin [his sister Jane married William Cubbon, see EpW 1670E #31 of 
Sr John Crellin, claim entered by Jane Quillin and William Cubbon].  Witnesses Henry Maddrell, Donall Corrin, Henry Corrin, John Crellin vicar
will of son in law Henry Corrin:  ArW 1665A #05 Arbory of Henry Corrin of Colby: wife Joney Cubbon, children underage; kindred on father's side Richard Corrin 
& John Kinley, wife alive;  Henry Corrin son of Nicholas Corrin, brother Richard Corrin, William Corrin of Colby, sister Catharine Kinley als Corrin (has children)

Ffebruary ye 11th 1669 [fold]---- it knowne to all whom it may concerne [fold]---- I Jony Cubone alias Maddrell sick in body [fold]---- of perect memory praised be God, doe upon [fold]----ther consideration & second thoughts menco[?] [fold]---- mee thereunto, but chiefely by reason I have been two yeares almost lying constantly in bed & does not yet know how soone or long my dissolution shall be, therefore out of my naturall affection & love to my deare sonne William Cubon & for ye greate care & paines hee hath taken of mee all this time dureing my sickenesse I does freely & frankly give to him by way of a deede of gift all my worldly goods wthin & wthout either of goods, lands, houses or intacks, peny & penyworth; save on= ly foure pounds yt I doe keepe in my owne hands until ye Last day & I may dispose of as I please myselfe, and also all my weareing clothes linnen & woolen made & fashioned, viz: my kerchiefes bands, peticotes & wescotes, Likewise for consid eration of this deed of gift made by my Deare and tender mother to me her son I doe binde & oblige myselfe to looke & maintaine her while shee lives, God permitting mee health to doe ye same, as witnesses their signes manuall Jony Cubone her mrk X Will: Cubon [next page] 16th May 1670 the wthin Jo: Kewne & Wm: Norris -----[fold] witness being deceased) have deposed y-----[fold] act & deed of Gift was ye frede--d of -----[fold] in Jony Maddrell als Cubon signed an-----[fold] in their prsence, wch for pof the-----[fold] is taken by me Tho: Norris -----[fold] June ye 8th 1670 This deed of gift proved before Mr Deemster is accepted of in stead of the will of Jony Cubon in every pticu-----[fold] save onely for ye ffour pounds and the other pticulrs the-----[fold] reserved to her owne dispose: but d-----[fold] intestate the Church hath decreed her sone Wm Cubbon var-----[fold] Administratr: as well for ye sd 4£ the other pticulrs: reserve-----[fold] or for any thinge else that shall or may appeare in any -----[fold] due unto her at her death Salvo tamen vincuig Decretum et solvit --- suo jure [Found after EpW 1670E #31 Arbory, or Sir John Crellin, miniser of Arbory:] ffeb March 24th 1670: Mr: Tho:Norris Deemster entrs: his clame against ye Executrs of Jony Madrell for ye sume of xxijs sterl: & craveth tryall [Inventory found under Archdeaconal wills 1670 No.38] KK Arbory A true & pfect Inventory of ye goods of Jony Maddrell als Cubon praised by four sworn men (viz) Willm Cubon senr, Willm: Kenvigge, John Kewne, & John Corrin Inpirm: £ s d Two wasecoates praised to ....................... 00 - 02 - 09 Itt: ffive petticoates ............................... 00 - 08 - 06 Itt: Ten carchives old & new ......................... 00 - 05 - 05 Itt: seven handcarchives ............................. 00 - 02 - 00 Itt: ffive old banns & three neck cloates ............ 00 - 00 - 07 [torn]------orans small & course ..................... 00 - 01 - 08 [torn]------ocks ..................................... 00 - 01 - 08 [torn]------aire of shooes & stockins ................ 00 - 00 - 08 pledges according to law John Ffarrant & Mr Tho: Norris

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