William Sherlogue 1670

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Archdeacon Will 1670A #45 Rushen, of William Sherlock, dated 24 May 1670, not listed in the Old Typed Index. NOTE: This will has been crossed out. 
See EpisWill 1670E #042 below, of William Sherlock, died 27 April 1670

Trinity Rushen May 24th 1670 The last will & testamt: of William Shurlogue who being pefect memory comitted his soule to Gd & his body to Xtian buriall and then cut all his children off wth 6d legasie apeece, and nominated his wife executor of all the rest of his goods moveable ---[fold] unmoveable Test: (note a laiter will appeared in Coart & proved in ye Bp Reg: Wm Cluage Rich: Thompsonn The Inventory of Wm Shurlogue praized by 4 sworne men vizt: Hen: Crobin, Wm Watterson, Hen: Crobin & Gilbert Nelson Itt: all the goods wth halfe a quarter of a boate is ....... 0 - 07 - 03
Episcopal Will 1670E #042 Rushen, of William Sherlock, died 27 April 1670: Summary: 2nd wife is alive, daughter in Ireland, daughter Isabel Note: The very top of this page is covered over by another piece of paper, with only the bottom half of the 'R' for Rushen clearly readable.
This we (whose names ensue) affirme to be the last will and testament of William Shurlocke who was then of good and perfect memorie, It being asked of the sd: testator why he did cutt of his daughter Issable Shurlock with 6d legasie the testator replyed because he had sent for her by his wife to come to him (she being with another woeman) and that she came not (yet the mother sent noe word to her) the testator beinge put in mind that yf God did call for him intestat that it was the daughter that would be compeld to pay his buriall money yf she should sett her cloathes to doe it; the testator said that he had a quarter of a boat and netts & that would pay it alsoe he acknow= ledged that his daughter in Ireland was paid all her portion and that this his daughter Issable gott nothinge att all And desired her to deserve his blessinge and to acceipt of thone halfe of all his goods (and to be con= =tented there with) the stept mother haveinge thother halfe; and that his sd daughter should be with him att his departinge to looke to him and to see what cloath (or windinge sheete) would be put about him pbatum et solvit xijd Test: William Qualtro } Ann Shurlocke } jurati The Invent is .......... 7s 3d pledges John Cubon & John Taylor [next page] Arbory A perfect Inventory of the goods of Wm: Shurlogue, prized by 4 sworne men vizt: Tho: Read, Tho: Kelley, Tho: Brew & John Costeene; October 25th 1671 Imprs: all his cloathes .............. 0 - 3 - 8 It: 1 yeard & a halfe of } woollen cloath .....}........... 0 - 1 - 3 Itt: 2 sheepe ........................ 0 - 1 - 8 Itt: 2 younge horses dj .............. 0 - 8 - 0 Itt: 1 cow & 1 heiffer dj ............ 0 - 14 - 0 sume 1 - 8 - 7 The Adminrs: at age and hath given pledges Wm Corrin & Wm Keanvigg

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