John Corrin 1670

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Date: 5 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #46 Rushen, of John Corrin, dated 16 February 1670/1:
Summary:  brother William, son Richard Corrin; supervisors: William Corrin (brother) & William Nelson (?brother in law); various other people are mentioned
see also ArWills 1669/70 Rushen Presentments: William Nelson stands for his friend John Corrin shoemaker 
who committed fornication with Ann Lowney/Lewney, per note 23 March 1669/70 Rushen
??: ArW 1667A #53 Rushen, of Ellinor Corrin alias Nelson, died 2 January 1667/68: 2 daughters Isabel & Joney Corrin, brother John Nelson/Kneale overseer, 
supervisors, brother in law John Qualtrough overseer, brother Gilbert Nelson/Kneale overseer, supervisor John Kneale[?or John Nelson?, a second John Kneale], 
William Cottier & his wife, Henry Read & his wife, John Read, Isabelly Kelly, John Maddrell, Elizabeth Watterson, Edward Posley, James & Isabel Qualtrough, 
Ann Kermode alias Gell, Henry Kermode, Henry Corkish & wife
See also ?his sister in law:  ArWills 1677  Rushen Presentments: Christian Qualtrough als Nelson is called a bitch by John Corrin, who was presented 1667 Rushen

NOTE: Kneale and Nelson are used interchangeably with some families, such as here (brother John Nelson & supervisor/brother John Kneale, etc) 
and in ArW 1661A #87 Rushen of Margaret Mylchreest alias Gawne alias Kneale, who brothers' surnames nare listed as 'Nelson'.

Jo: Corrins will ffeb: 16th 1670 Rushin committed his soull to Gd: & body to Xtian buriall, from Mart:[?] Corran 6d, Jo: Cannel 4d & his sister 2d, from Hary Willey & son [?or Willeyson] 2s; from Jo: Killey 10d, from Ha: Keggeene 4d, Ed: Hingley 3d, Jo: Costeene 4d, --------r Qualtrough 2s, Jo: Trollogue 4d & Richd: Trollaugh 6d, Don: Juke 4d; Jo: Harrison 1s 2d, Hary Read 6d, Wm Crobin 4d, Hen: Crobin 2d, -----y Xtin -----, from executors of Hen: Nelson 3s 6d & from younge Ha: 2s & from Mary Xtian 1s, from her More[?] 1s for harvest worke being 7 dayes; from Wm Cluage 2s-3d, from Hary Jane 6d, from Besey Gawne 1 shillinge from Mr. Thompson 1s & dj firlatt of barley, from Wm Nelson 2s-6d, from Gilbert Gell 3s & his wife 1d Itt: to Robt: Kerkott 1s, to Hen: Crobin beg 6d, Itt: to Wm Skealley 1s-4d, to Ed: Xtian wife 8d, Itt: to my bro Wm --- 0bt, Itt: to Hary Read fisgart 6d, to ye great shoemakers wife 4 & Wm Qualtrough 4d, Itt: to Wm Watterson 5s, Itt: to Joney Nelson 5 groats Exeacutr: my son Richd Corrin to ye minister 1s pbatum et solvit xijd Test Wm Watterson jurati ---h Thompson The execr: sworne in forme of law: & Willm Nelson & Willm: Corrin supvisors sworne ------ ----- [crumbled bottom] ------ ------ [next page] The said testators goods prised by Gilbt: Nelson, Gilbt: Gell, Willm: Skalley & Willm Nellson sworn amounts to in grosse ............... 6s - 6d pledges Henry Read & John Keggin Mar 1th 1670 Mr Jo: Cas-- enters against ye execr: for 8s etc

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