Richard Crebbin 1670

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Date: 6 November 2017
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Archdeacon 1670A #48 Rushen, of Richard Crebbin, dated 26 December 1670: 
Summary:  wife [Isabel Lowey] alive (she remarried Henry Read), mother alive; also: brother in law William Lowey, 
Henry Corkish, John Cubbon, niece Jane Cregeen (her mother is dead), Robert Keig 
will of father in law: ArW 1666A #23 Rushen, of John Lowey, died 29 October 1666: son in law Richard Crebbin
will of wife: ArW 1680A #17 Rushen will of Isabel Read alias Crebbin alias Lowey, dated 23 November 1680: 2nd husband Henry Read, stepson 
Richard Read, son William Crebbin, dau Ann Crebbin, dau Margaret Crebbin, son Richard Crebbin, granddau Ann Cubbon, grandchild xxxx Cubbon

December 26th 1670 Trinity Rushen The last will & Testamt of Richard Crobin who beinge in perfect memory, comitted his soule to God, & his body to Xtian buriall: ffirst he left to the poore mutton 1 pecke of wheate & 5 sives of mault; Itt: he left to his heire his halfe of the teame, & if his wife did see that he would not be ffit for it, she to sell the halfe teame, & putt him to a trade; Itt: he left to his heire halfe a crope of corne, wth all his part of husbandry geares, & instruments belonginge to the lands; Itt: he left to his wife halfe a blacke heiffer; Itt: he nominated the rest of his children executors, & his wife overseer Itt: He acknowledged that there was payd unto William Lowey of wt: was due to him of his goods 1£ - 5s - 0, & that there was due from Hen: Korkish 12s, wch ye sd Korkish acknow= =ledged before Jo: Corrin, & Wm Watterson heandy wch same was due to Wm Lowey; & that he had in his owne hands ... 1£ - 13s - 0d Itt: Likewise he declared that there was in John Cubons hands 1£ - 15s of his sisters daughter goods (by name Jane Credeene); Alsoe in Robert Keggs hands 1£ - 0s - 0d, whereof due to Jane Creddeene ... 0 - 19s; Itt: he left to the Minister 1 mutton wittnesses The execr sworne in Court & ye rest Rich: Thompsonn { to be sworne by Sr Tho: Parrre & Wm Cluage { to certifi --: Kaugherdy { jurati [next page] A perfect Inventory of the goods & chattles of Richard Crobin, praized by 4 sworne men, vizt: Tho: Kelley, Hen: Watterson, Jo: Corrin & Wm Charren Inprs: all the the wooden { £ s d vessells, wch ye rest { 05 - 00 - 00 of all his goods is { June 7th 71 More aded by the mother ... 01£ - 1s - 0 more aded by the wife xjs 3d due to ye heire 2£ - 3s - 8d & a pott & colter pledges Henry Reed according to law Henry Corkish

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