Robert Quill 1670

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Date: 6 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #49 Rushen, of Robert Quill, dated 26 February 1670/71: 

Ffeb: 26th 1670		Trinity Rushen

The last will & Testament of Robert 
Quill, who being in perfect memory 
comitted his soule to God, & his body to Xtian 
buriall;     ffirst he left to his daughter 
Joney all the houses,    Itt: to his sone Hen:  
a quarter of a boate, & all the netts he had 
with 1 cow;    Itt: he left 6d apeece Legasie 
to every godchild he had;    Itt: he left 6d 
to Daniell Clucas, & 6d to Hen: Watterson, for 
their trouble;     Itt: he left to his mother 
5s to cleare her to the grounds;    Itt: he 
nominated his son & daughter executors of all 
the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable 

wittnesses 		pbatum et solvit 1s 
Daniell Clucas		The exer sworne in forme of law
Hen: Watterson    jurati

The Inventory of Robt Quill praized by 
Dan: Clucas, Tho: Clucas, Hen: Watterson & 
Wm Harrison, amounts to 
		6£ - 7s - 0d 

The goods in ye execr custody & hath given 
pledges in form of law 
Henry Waterson,  Randle Callow

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