Isabel Caralough 1670

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Date: 6 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #50 Patrick, of Isabel Caralaugh, died 21 December 1670: 
Summary:  half brother Thomas Quirk, sister is the executor,   also: Phinlo Quilliam, Philip Quilliam (pledge), Catharine Quilliam, 
Jane Quilliam (witness), John Quilliam (pledge), Isabel Fargher, Margaret Fargher, Richard Fargher (witness, ill and unlikely to recovery)
will of mother: ArW 1633A #08 Patrick, of Margaret Quirk alias Kardaragh / Caralaugh alias Corris, dated 2 December 1633: son Thomas Quirk, dau Joney Kardaragh, 
dau Elizabeth Quirk (married xxxx Quilliam, their son Thomas Quilliam), dau Isabel Kardaragh (unmarried), dau in law Ellin Clucas, son Philip Quirk, Sr John Harrison
will of sister Elizabeth: ArW 1656A #01 Patrick of Elizabeth Quilliam alias Quirk, died by 7 May 1656: 4 young children, oldest son, 
4 other children including dau Margaret, witnesses & pledges John and Robert Quilliam, witness John Quilliam

Pat: March the 3th 1670 The last will and testament of Issable Carrallaugh who departed this life the 21th of 10ber 1670; first she bequeathed her Soule to God and her body to Christian buriall; It: she left to the poore halfe a firlett male, and a pecke of oate meale; It: She left to Phinlo Quilliam one sheepe, It: she left to Phillip Quilliam halfe a cowe and a calfe and two yards of wollen cloth; It: she left to her brother Tho: Quirke two yards of wollen cloth; It: she left to Issable Farcher one coate one carcher one bushell; It: she left to Kaithren Quilliam a blankett & a canvaish; It: she left to Jane Quilliam one charcher, one bushell, It: she left to Margrett Farcher one blankett; It: she left to John Quilliam her part of the heifer she had there And constituted and ordained her sister her true and lawfull exec: of all her goods moveable & unmoveable testes The execr: sworne in form of law Richard Farcher Jane Quilliam jurati pbatum et solvit 1s Richard Ffarcher hath taken his oath to this will in every particuler and the adverse partie prsent before Jo: Quirke William Quirke and Phillip Quirke a witnesse theire hands & his oath as taken my me John Woods by order from the viccar Generall and this in regard that the man was sick and litle hope of recovery Invent: of the goods priced by Jo: Kenagh William Callen Phinlo Gell and Robert Quilliam being sworne It: halfe a cowe .............................. 7s - 0d It: two blanket two canvaish ................. 7 - 0 It: one vessell with other things ............. 3 - 0 pledges Phillip Quiliam & Jo: Quilliam At a Court in Peele Mar ye 3d 1670

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