Jane Kelly alias Quirk 1670

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Date: 6 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #53 Patrick, of Jane Kelly alias Quirk, dated 2 March 1670, husband Thomas Kelly died around the same time: 
Summary: dau Alice, son Philip, brother & supervisor Richard Quirk (John Clague is his pledge), brother in law & supervisor 
Philip Kelly (brother of Thomas Kelly, Jane's husband; John Quirk is his pledge)

March 2d: 1670 Patricke The last will & testamt: of Jane Kelly alias Quirke who being in pfect memory, made her last will & testamt: as followeth: first she bequeathed her soule to God, her body to Xian buriall; to ye poore 3 halfe firlett of male, & oate meale; she left to her daughter Ales a cow; It: to Wm Gell two sheep, to Patricke Carran 4s due to him; to Katheryn Lowny 18s due for wages wherof paid 2s, to Phillip Cowle 2s 3d for wages, to Margret Kelly dj fir= lett barly or malt; to Wm Gell a bowle barly to Tho: Coole 20s due to him, & 20 shillings more wch is at suite of Law, wch her executor is to pay if it be recovred, to Wm Coole 6d, It: shee bequeathed to her son Phil: her halfe of the teame or plow, wth ye crope; It: to her daughter Ales 2 bowles barly, It: she ordained her two children Phillip & Ales her lawfull executors of ye rest of her oods movable & unn- movable Testes Wm Coole X The eecrs under yeeres Wm: Gell jurati Richd: Quirke one of ye Supvisors sworn in Court in forme of law & Phillip Kelly the other is to be sworne when he recovers by ye mynister 14 dayes given to bring in & Invent sub paena xs[10s ---ane ye xth[10th] 1670 Willm: Coole enters against ye execrs for 2s of his wifes wages & 6d due to himselfe for 7 dayes worke The Invent: given to Mr Foxe in my absence, by Rid: Quirk: The whole Invent of Jaine Quirk & Tho: Kelly given in by Ricd: Quirk & ye Sumner priced by 4 sworne men Joh: Comish, Hen: Gell, Tho: Coole, & Tho: Caine amounts to in all .................................... 21£ - 01s - 0d in the hands of Phillip Kelly & Ricd: Quirk pledges in forme of law for Ricd: Quirk Joh: Cloage & for Phillip Kelly Jo: Quirk sent to ye sumner: Memorandum yt novr go at Bps court all before Vicr Genll Parson Xtian, ye goods of Jane Kelly & her husband wch were in ye hands of Philip Kelly appeared to be all pd upon stateing of accounts excepting [next page] excepting a mutton for there shilb: ita testes Sam: Watleworth Regr: [next page] KK Patrick A perfect inventory of the goods of Jane Kelly priced by foure sworne men viz: Jo: Comish Tho: Coole, Hen: Gell, Tho: Caine taken June 28th 1670 Inprimis an incalfe cow ........... 20s a horse ........................... 12s foure sheep ....................... 8s a blankett & a fledge a } sheet & some few other } ....... 15s linnines ..............} It: 2 barrells & other smale } woodden vessells ..........}.... 5s The goods is to bee put into ye hands of ye Supvisors Rich Quirke and Jxxxx Quirke Phillip Kelley, who hath given pledges according to Law, for Rich Quirke, John Cluage and for Phillip Kelly, John Quirke Nov: ye xijth 70: pd: Tho: Cooile entereth against ye Executors of of Jane Kelly for ye sume of ffortie shillings sterl: & craveth tryall [Found in EpW 1670, at the bottom of 1670E #054 Patrick, of Phinlo Watterson:] No: ye xij 1670: Wm Geile entrs against ye Executrs: of Jane Kelly alias Quirke for 1 bowle of barley & 2 sheep & craveth tryall [Found after ArW 1675A #162 Patrick:] Patr: 69 The Invent of Jane Kelly alis Quirk amounts to 21£ - 00s - 0d wch is left [or 'lost'] & ys to be aded to the will

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