Thomas Killey 1670

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Date: 6 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #055 German, of Thomas Killey, died 19 February 1669/70: 


The last will & testament of Thomas Killey who departed this 
life the 19th of Februarie:     first he committed his Soule to God 
and his body to Christian buriall;     It: he left to the poore 
halfe a firlett oate  meale and firlett betwixt male and wheate 
and a sheepe;    It: left to his sister one sheepe;     It: to his brother 
William a sheepe or a hogge;     It: he left to his brother David his part 
of two hoggs that was betwixt them;     It: he left his brother John 
six pence   And did constitute and ordaine his father his true 
and lawfull exec: of all his goods moveable & unmoveable

testes					The execr sworne in forme
	James Dowell			of law
	Phinlo Killey           jurati	pbatum et solvit 6d
	Margrett Boddagh

Invent: priced by Ratclife Tunman  William Killey  William Christine 
beinge sworne
It: deptlesse goods ..................... 3s - 4d 

Ffinlo Killey & Ratcliffe Tudman pledges 
secunda forman legis

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