Joney Kaighin 1670

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Date: 6 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #60 German, of Joney Kaighin alias xxxx, died 19 February 1670/1, ?of Lhiargy: 
Summary: dau Alice, son John, dau Bahie, husband is alive
German parish register:  Joney Kaighen    buried    19 February 1670/1

		Germane the 3th of March 1670 

The last will and testament of Joney Kaighen who departed this life 
the 19th of feb: 1670:    first she bequeathed her soule to God and her 
body to Christian buriall;     It: she left to her daughter Alice two 
shillings and a linnen wheele;     It: She left to her son John two 
shillings;    It: She left to her daughter Bahie two shillings 
and her linnen woolen cloth that she wore to both her daughters
Alice & Bahie     And she constituted and ordained her husband 
her true and lawfull execr: of all her goods  moveable & unmove 
able  and he to leave to the children after his decease the Leaarg[?] 

testes	William Christin		The execr sworne
	Ann Jonsson      jurati
					pbatum et solvit 6d

Invent: priced by William Lace, John Dozen, Randle Quane 
and William Christine being sworne 
				s   d
It: halfe the loomes ..........	3 - 6 
It: halfe a grird iron ........	0 - 6 

The goods in ye custody of ye eecr & hath given 
pledges Willm Christin junior & Will Lace

At a court at Pelle 
Mar: ye 3d 1670

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