Thomas Mylchreest 1670

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Date: 10 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #61 German, of Thomas Mylchreest, died 20 December 1670: 
Summary:  dau Bessie, dau Isabel, dau Bahie, brother [Randle], also: Thomas Quirk, John Quirk, Thomas Quirk junior, wife not mentioned
will of brother: ArW1680A#24of RandleMylchreest: nieces: Bessy Mylchreest, Isabel Mylchreest, BahieMylchreest 
brother German parish register:  Randle Maclechrist     buried    24 Dec 1680
German parish register:  Tho: Maclechrist     buried    20 December 1670
German parish register:  Silvestr Maclechrist     buried     27 August 1666
German parish register:  Jane Maclechrist     buried      21 May 1667
German parish register:  Gilbart inft son to Silvester MacleXt      buried    15 Jul 1675
German parish register:  Gilbart Maclechrist     buried    1 May 1676
German parish register:  Jony Maclechrist     buried    13 May 1683
German parish register:  Thom MacleXt     buried    10 January 1683/4
German parish register:  Ellin MacleXt     buried    24 April 1685

Germane March the3th 1670 The last will & testament of Thomas Maclechrist who departed this life the 20th of 10ber 1670: first he bequeathed his Soult to God and his body to Christian buriall; It: he left to his daughter Bessie one cow one heifer; It: he left to his brother 4s; It: he left to his daughter Issable one heifer; It: he left to his daughter Bahie and Bessie a heifer that they might give the milke every Sunday to the poore; It: he left to Tho: Quirke the worke of a horse to May Day; It: he left to John Quirke a quarter of a colt; It: to his daughter Bessie twentie shillings that he borrowed from his brother; It: he left to Sr Jo: Woods foure groates And constituted and ordained his two daughters his true and lawfull exec: of all his goods moveable and unmoveable testes The execrs sworne in Court John Woods clerke in forme of law John Crellin jurati Invent: priced by Tho: Maclevorey Gilbt: Kaighen Tho: and William Christin beinge sworne It: one shillinge in all, ye rest included in ye Will The execr: at lawfull yeers & ye goods in yr own custody & hath given pledges secunda forman legis Tho: Quirk & Tho: Quirk junr: July 21th 1671 Mally Gell entereth her claime against ye execr: of Tho: Mcylchrist for ye xxs[20s] wch shee gave his wife akeepeinge untill shee would call for it & craveth tryall

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