Ellin Caine alias Cowley 1670

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Date: 12 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #68 Michael, of Ellin Caine alias Cowley: 
Summary:  son Robt Caine, son John (wife is Margaret), daus Jane & Ellin Caine
Michael parish register:   Ellin Cowley    buried    17 Sep 1670
will of husband: ArW 1653A #12 Michael of Daniel / Dollin Caine, died 16 Jan 1653/4:   son Robert, dau Jane, son John, dau Ellin, wife Ellin Cowley
Michael parish register: ------ Cain    buried 25  January 1653/4

Michaell In nomine dei amen, I Ellin Cowley sicke in body but whole in mind doe make this my last will and testament in manner and form followinge: I leave to my sone Robert Caine a pair of a bedd stedd namely the head peese and a table and a forme and 2 boords of shelves and the bigest of the pewder dishes; It: I I leave to my sone John Caine 1 bedd stidd with fether bedd boulster and 1 sledge and 1 blanket which due unto him by his contract bargan; It: shee left to her daughters Jane and Ellin the rest of her cloathes linen and wollen It: shee left to her daughter Ellin Caine some linen yearne linen yeorne that was in the house and some barly that was in the hagan and 1 broad goose and 3 pounds of wooll; It: shee left to her 2 daughters Jane and Ellin some milch[?] that lieth hard by the house; It: shee constituted and ordained her sone John Caine and his wife Margret her true and lawfull executors of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable Testes pbatum et solvit 6d Phillip Cannell juratus William Quaile ad carcere Will Quaile hath sworne all the abovesaid will in everie pticuler save only that hee hard noe executor named At a Court Jurby Mar 6th 1670 [next page] The Invent to be brought in within 14 days sub paena xs[10s] [Written sideways on the paper and crossed out:] ---- ---- The Lord remember de------[in fold] Did you not heare of late: acoidderomatie wish saddistress and heauie hexxxx her xxxxxxhad from hergrxxxand xxxs are evxxxx txxxng not pen xxxxnn tell except it bee those that enffxxxed hxxxxx and xxxxxes hxxx goes I say xxxxx at thexxxx xxxxxes John Cannell xxxxx of a bed[?] [next page] This agreement being sworne by Joh: Cannon the sumner, & acknowledged by Ellin Caine herselfe, the plaintife, & hath nothing to alledge, but yt shee was not paid at the time, wee therefore order yt the fir: of barly shall be paid within 14 dayes according to the said agreement, otherwise the said Joh: Caine is to be commited to prison till hee pforme the same

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