Catharine Gawne alias Cottier 1670

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Date: 12 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #69 Michael, of , died 28 November 1670: 
Summary:  son William Gawne, dau Ann, mother Isabel Cottier alias Kinread, daus Jane & Catharine;  
also: Mr Deemster Edward Christian, Henry Woods & his mother Margaret Woods alias Garrett
Michael parish register:  Isabel Kinred als Gawn    buried    14 October 1674

Michael 1670 The last will and Testamt: of Katherin Cotter who departed this liffe ye 28th of Novembr: first she bequeathed her soule to God and her body to Christian buryall; Itm: She left to her sonn Wm: Gawne the roofe of all her houses with all ye geares belongeinge to the workeinge of ye lands with two bed stockes a table a disboord and a blankett; Itm: She left to her daughter Ann Gawne two peticoats two waskets two charshiffes, one blankett, one sheet, one appron, and one crosslet, Itm: She left equally betweene all her children her flax and they to give as much of it to their Grand mother Isable Kindred when it will be in cloath; Itm: She left to Wm Corlett one lambe legasie; Itm: She left to John Teare one lambe legasie; Itm: debtes due to John Corlett 39s; Itm: to Wm Cannell 26s; Itm: to Phillip Corlett 20s; Itm: She ordred and appoynted her two daughters Jane and Katherin Gawne her true and lawfull Executors of all ye Rest of her Goods moveable and unmoveable and constituted Mr Deemster Edward Christian Supvisor of her children and to see her Executors righted in the two day moth of hay they have in morgage ot 10£ from Henry Woods and his mother Margt Carrett, and to take ---- of ye 10£ for ym at ye Expiration of ye bargaine and himselfe to have 20s for his paines Testis Wm Teare } pbatum est et solvit xijd Gilbert Corlett } jurati The Supvisor to be sworn at KK Christ tomorrow The Inventory of the above Testator Katherin Cotter is taken and prized by 4 swarne men and the Sumnr amounts to 1£ - 0s - 0d pledges given in by ye eldest daughtr Ann Gawn for ye xxs[20s] Inventory above menconed Wm Teare & Gilbrt Curlett & allso for ye x£ [10£]

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