Joney Corlett alias Boddaugh / Boyde 1670

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Date: 13 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #071 Ballaugh, of Joney Corlett alias Boddaugh / Boyde, died 4 April 1670: 
Summary:  father William Boddaugh, brothers & sister, husband Donold/Daniel Corlett, son Thomas Corlett (underage), dau Ann Corlett (underage), 
also supervisors (brothers): Thomas  William & Daniel & Robert Voddy / Boddaugh / Boyde; supervisor William Killip refused

NOTE: The surnames Boddaugh and Voddy are used interchangeably in this will

Ballaugh The last will & testemt: of Jony Bodaugh who departed this life the 4th of Aperill 1670: ffirst She comited her soule to God and her body to Christian buryall It: She bequeathed for her funerall four shillings It: She bequeathed to her ffather Wm Bodaugh 2s - 0d It: She bequeathed to all her brethren and sister six pence apiece It: She bequeathed to her husband Donold Corlett her part of a hefer It: It: She bequeathed all her Right and title whatsoever to-- the houses and lands & her son Tho: Corlett after his ffathers deceas his father haveing consented to give the like viz his part off ye houses Lands & Crop of corne afore said after his deseas It: She constituted & apointed her daughter An Corlett sole executrix off all the rest off her goods movable & unmovable It: She bequeathed that if the children die undr age that the goods is to return to her husband Testes Jo: Caine his mrk X Tho Corlett his mrk X jurati The father sworne in form of law pbatum et solvit xijd It: She bequeathed Wm: Killip to be Supervisor off ye children and the goods & the children to her husband untill they came to lawffull yeares Willm: Killipe hath denyed to be supvisor ergo: Tho: Vody, & Willm, (sworne) Donll: & Robt are to appear tomorrow to be sworne or ad carerere [next page] The Inventory of the said Jony Bodaugh taken & praised by 4 sworn men viz Doll: Quaile, Phill: Gawne, Jo: Corkan, Phill: Crinilt utt sequitur The decedents part off } £ s d an incalf cow & two }............. 1 - 4 - 0 ffarrow cows praised to } a filly coult one the decdt: pt: .......... 00 - 16 - 0 A red peticott and a gray peticott } one the decedents part ..........} ..... 00 - 12s - 0 all the decedents partt off linen } and woolen with vesell and the} ........ 1 - 8 - 0 like praised to ..............} It: in Tho Bodaughs hand .................. 00 - 10 - ---[fold] It: a ffirlett off barly that is in the said Tho: Bodaugh his hand It: In the hands of Willm: Vody all yt is due to ye execr by ye death of ye mother of the crop of corne The children & goods, in ye fathers custody & hath given in pledges secunda forman legis Ffinlo Carrett & Tho Crye Tho: Vody have paid ye abovesaid xs[10s] unto Donll: Curlett as is acknowledge by the said Donll: Corlett is 9th of 8r 1670 Donll: Curlett X

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