Ann Comish alias Garrett 1670

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Date: 13 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #78 Ballaugh, of Ann Comish alias Garrett, died 2 March 1670/1:
Summary:  son John Comish, children Thomas & Cooney & Margaret Comish, sister Margaret Garrett, 
brother in law John Comish, husband Daniel Comish is dead (See ArW 1670A #77 Ballaugh)
Ballaugh parish register:  Donold Comish    buried    14 February 1670/1

Ballaugh The last will and testament off Ann Comish alias Carrett who departed this liffe ye 2d off March first She commited her soule to God and her body to Christian buriall Itt: She left her son Jo: as much plading cloath as would make him either a peticott or drawers for a Legat: as ye rest off it ffor cloathes ffor ye rest off children Itt: she lefft her sister Margt: her red peticott and her best wastcott Itt: She constituted noiminated & apointed her 3 children viz: Tho: Coaney & Margt Comish her lawfull executtors off all ye rest off her goods movable & unmovable Jo Comish & Margt Carret sworne supvisors & ye other being one ye southside Sr Tho: Parre is to tak his oath & ---- Testes Ffinlo Quaill X Phillip Cowley X jurati 14 days given to bring in an Invent sub paena xs[10s] The Invent included in the will of Donll: Comish in ye 2d leafe before

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