Margaret Moughton 1670

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Date: 16 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #083 Jurby, of Margaret Moughton, died 25 April 1670:
Summary: brother William Moughton, brother Daniel/Donold, sister Ann, brother Patrick
also: Mable Steane / Stephen, Ann Kelly, J---- and Catharine Moughton
Jurby parish register: Margrett Moughton     buried    25 April 1670

Jurby 1670 The last will and testament of Margrett Mughton who depted this life ---[crumbled edge] 25th of Aprill 1670 who first committed her soule to God and her body ---[crumbled edge] buriall; It: she left to her brother Wm Mughton 2 yards of white woollen ---[crumbled edge] legasie; Itm: to Mable Steane 1 choyse kercheffe; Itm: to Ann Kellie a kerchefe ---[crumbled edge] ticoote and another petecott to Mable afforesd; It: to Wm Mughton a hogge; It: to J---[crumbled edge] and Katherine Mughton a handkerchiefe apiece; Itm: she bequeathed to Arth--------[crumbled edge] ye cow that he paid for halfe ye increase while she would give calfes or milk ---[crumbled edge] to Donold Mughton her brother and her sister Ann Mughton 6d legasie ap---[crumbled edge] Itm: she constituted and appoynted her brother Patr: Mughton her true ---[crumbled edge] lawfull exec: of all ye rest of her goods movable and unmovable; Itm: she ---[crumbled edge] that there was due to her from Patr: Brew 12s in ye price of a cow 1 y---[crumbled edge] and halfe firlett of mault The execr sworne Testes pbatum et solvit xijd Tho: Clerke Jony Kellie jurati choodicill aded to ys will halfe a calf bequeathed to John Moore & delivered to him before shee dyed & proved by Pat: Brew & Joh: Brew An Inventory of ye goods of Margrett Mughton Deceased priced ---[crumbled edge] 4 sworne men viz: John Gorrey, Wm Mughton, Jo: Kellie & Mich: ---[crumbled edge] as followeth £ s Inpr: in houshould stuffe and vessells .................... 1 - 3 - ---[crumbled edge] Itm: in cattle ............................................ 0 - 14 - ---[crumbled edge] Itm: a chiest and barrell ................................. 0 - 6 - ---[crumbled edge] a wheele a yard of gray cloath a doore leaf & lock & other necesseries Pledges secunda forman legis Tho: Clark & Willm: Kelly June ye 10, 1670 Pat Brew enters for 3 stooks oats one stook barly ---[crumbled edge] 2 yeers behind, the milk & woole of 6 or 7 sheep & ---[crumbled edge] a quarter of a day mouth of hay & 8d in moneys for pbation of Margt: Mollevorrey will August ye 8th - 70 John Moore enters for dj fir: barly & 2s in work & craveth ---[crumbled edge]

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