Thomas Gawne 1670

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 16 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #084 Jurby, of Thomas Gawne, died 6 April 1670: 

		Jurby :    aprill ye 6th 1670

The last will and testament of Tho: Gawne who depted this lyffe ye -----[edge]   
Aprill 1670  who first committed his soule to God and his body to Christian b-----[edge]   
Itm: to his daughter Margrett Gawne half a cow and 2 pottles of -----[edge]   
as legasie;      Itm: ye other half of the cow to his sons Finloe and Tho: Gawne 
Itm: he constituted and appoynted his 2 sons viz:  Finloe and Thomas Ga-----[edge]   
his true and lawfull exec: of all ye rest of his goods movable & unmovable 

Testes				The execrs sworne in forme of law 
John Kellie
Jo: Brew      jurati		pbatum et solvit 6d

The whole Inventory of ye above Tho: Gawne deceased priced 
by 4 sworne men viz: Jo: Brew, Patricke Brew, Henry Kellie, 
and Mich: Moore  amounts to ............. 0 - 9s - 6d 

The goods in yr owne custody & have given 
pledges secunda forman legis  Dollin Caine  &  
		Michell Moore

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