Joney Brew alias Skeally 1670

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Date: 20 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #085 Jurby, of Joney Brew alias Skeally, died 28 March 1670: 
Summary:  husband xxxx Brew is not mentioned, son William Brew, sister Alice Brew, 
brother Daniel Mylevorrey, brother William Skeally, also: Edward and Gilbert Skeally

Jurby 1670 The last will and testament off Jony Skallie who depted this life ----[edge] 28th of March, who first committed her soule to God, and her bodie to C----[edge] buriall; It: to her son Wm Brew 2 chiests 1 stand 1 tub and three little ves----[edge] Itm: to her sister Alice Brew her apparrell linnen and woollen; Itm: to her br----[edge] Do: Macylvorey and Wm Skallie her brother 6d legasie a peice; Itm: she ----[edge] that yr was 1s due to her from Wm Camash; Itm: due to her from Tho ----[edge] 6s wheroff 3s-8d was due from her to Edw: & Gilbt: Skallie which she accor----[edge] bequeathed unto them; Itm: she constituted and appoynted her sd son Wm Brew what right she had in a pcell of Croft her true and lawfull exec: of ----[edge] goods and land, and ye truition of her childe and his goods to her sd sister and likewise supvisor her sd childe Alice Brew is sworne supvisor of Testes ye executor under yeeres Wm Cowley Jony Gouldsmith juratus pbatum et solvit 4d ye other to be sworne The whole Inventory of Jony Skallie deceased priced by 4 sworne men viz: Nich: Craine, Wm Cowley, Hn: Craine and Nich: Moore, doth amount to ............................. 0 - 4s - 6d - 0 The goods in the custody of ye supvisor & have given pledge secunda forman legis Michell Moore & Joh: Brew Church dues deducted & pbatum & Sumner fee ..... 2s - 0d July ye 7th 70 Tho: Skally enters for a coate, smock, an under wescott, plus stockins, a yard of lincie woolen 4 yards of a Mansk girdle, a pottle meale, & 2d worth of hearings: --- ye 19th 1670: Henry Inch enters against ---- said execrs; for 1s due debt etc The names of ye defuncts Jony Skallie March ye 28th 1670 Tho: Kellie Aprill ye 1st paup Tho: Gawne Aprill ye 6th Kath: Teare Aprill ye 12th Jo: Vorrey Apr: ye 19 nil habet Margrett Moghton Aprill ye 25th Wm Callow Aprill ye 29th decreed An Kellie May ye 15th Tho Kelley May ye 6----[torn] [next page] Tho Skally is admited to the grave of Jony Skally to prove his claimed debt, with lawful compurgator given the executor timely notice to be prsent yt executorie may be granted & ys to be pformed within 14 dayes J: Harrisone July ye 7th The Ministr of Jurby 1670 is to execute ys & to certifie Tho:Skally enters aganst ye execr of Jony Skally for a coate, smock an under weskott shoes & stockings, a yard of lincie woollsie 4 yards of a Manske girdle a pottle of meale & 2d worth of herings & craveth triall Examinata p me J: Huddlestone [next day] Reverend Sr: Tho: Skallie hath this day with lawfull compuragtors deposed on the grave of Jony Skallie that she had from him ye wthin cote, smoake, an under wascott, shooes & stokings a yard of linsie woolsie 4 yards of a Manske girddle a pottle of meale and 2d worth of hearing and that he had noe satisfaktion for ye same this oath was administered July ye 10th 1670 as witnes my subscription Will: Crowe

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