Joney Teare alias Teare 1670

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Date: 22 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #88 Andreas, of Joney Teare alias Teare, dated 15 March 1670/1: 
Summary: sister Catharine Teare, husband James Teare, daughter of Daniel Teare, parents are alive

Mar: ye 15th 1670 Andreas This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament of Jonye Teere, who first commited her soule to God, & her body to Chris= tian buryall; It: shee willed & bequeathed to Sr: John a lambe; It: Shee left all her cloathes linnen & woollen to her sister Cathe: Teere, except one weskcott she left to Donll: Teere daughter, wch pleased her executor to give; It: Shee left & be= queathed all yt came to her from her father & mother to ym= selves, excepting one sheepe & lambe she left of ye said goods to her husband James Teere, It: shee constituted & ordained her said father & mother her true & lawfull execur of all ye rest of her goods wtsoever Testes: J: Huddlestone The execr sworn in forme John Lace junior jurati of law Henry Teere pbatum et solvit xijd The Invent of the said testatrix taken & prized by Tho: Crenilt Collum Crenilt, Philip Teere & Henry Inch amounts to the same of ............................. 1£ - 6s - 0d The goods in the custody of ye execrs & have given pledges secunda forman legis Joh: Quirk

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