Ann Teare alias Gawne 1670

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Date: 26 November 2017
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Will 1670A #096 Andreas, of Ann Teare alias Gawne, died about 7 January 1670/1, dated 24 January 1670/71: 
Summary: husband xxxx Teare is alive, son Ewan Teare, son Daniel (of age Nov 1681), daus Isabel & Amy, 
witnesses Richard Kneale & William Cowle, brother John Gawne, 2 sisters
Andreas parish register:  Ann Tear als Gown     buried    7 January 1670/1

Andreas Jan 24th 1670 This is affirmed to be ye last & will & testament of Ann Teere alis Gowne; first she commited her soule to God & her body to Christian buryall; It: shee bequeathed to the poore dj fir: of corne; It: she bequeathed to her sonn Ewan Teere xs[20s] legasie. It: Shee be queathed her ------e-t in the lands to her sonn Donll: & also --- the whole crop, & in the pott: the father injoyinge & possessinge it till he sa---- a fitt time to give ym to his said sonn; It: shee constituted & ordained her two daughters Issable Teere & Amye Teare her true & lawfull execr: of all the rest of her goods wtsoever; It: shee left to her husband her pt of an incalfe heffer because hee would bee good to her children; It: to Ricd: Kneele 6d, to Willm: Cowle 6d It: she appointed her two brothers & sister supvisors of her children & ys her last will & testament pformed; She allso named some raw cloath yt was in ye house to be to discharge debts she ought: & if any of the children dye under yeeres the goods to fall to ym yt liveing The father sworne to bring in a pfect Testes: Ricd Kneele Invent & Jo: Gowne ye uncle is Willm Cowle jurati sworne supvisors & ye 2 sisters are to be sworne also by ye vicar pbatum et solvit xijd The Invent: of the said decedent taken & priced by 4 sworne men Willm Cowle, Joh Quirk, Phillip Crenilt & Donll: Christian as followeth: Inprs: all her pt of goods wtsoever within & without except the crope of corne, amounts to ye sume of 01£ - 17s - 0d The crope of barly belonginge to ye sonn was 9 hattocks; & in oats ............................... 5 stooks & halfe a stooke and also 4 stooks of ................a yr: my fee poue[?] The goods in the fathers custody & hath given pledges secunda forman legis Ricd: Kneele & Willm: Cowle Novr: ye 11th 1681: Dan: Tear son of ye above Testator being at lawfull age came this day to the records & acknowledged him-----[torn]---- satisfyed by his father in all yt was due by his mothers death and dischargeth ye pledges Dan: Teere his mrk X Coram me Jone: Jone--------[torn]---

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