Catharine Camaish alias Cleator 1670

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Date: 26 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #097 Andreas, of Catharine Camaish alias Cleator, died 13 February 1670/1: 
Summary:  husband William Camaish (dead by Nov 1671), sister Bessy Cleator (of age by July 1672), sister Bahie (alive in May 1695), 
mother alive, daughter Isabel Camaish (underage, married to John Christian by May 1695), brother William Cleator (alive in May 1695), 
also: witness William Teare, minister John Huddlestone, witness John Quirk, Philip Camaish, William Teare & his dead wife.
Andreas parish register:   Cath: Cleator     bur 16 February 1670/1
Andreas parish register:   William Camaish    buried    5 April 1671
will of husband: ArW 1671A #45 Andreas will of William Camaish, dated 10 April 1670: only child Isabel Camaish, 
brother in law William Cleator, sister in law Bahie Cleator, supervisor William Teare
will of father: ArW 1659A #36 Andreas, of William Cleator, dated 1 February 1658/9: 
dau Catharine (of age) Cleator, son William (of age), wife Jane Cowle, daus Bahie & Bessy

ffeb: 13th 1670 This is affirmed to be te last will & testament of Cathe: -----[fold, torn] who first commited his soule to God & his body to Christian bury----[fold] It: Shee left & bequeathed to her husband Willm: Camaish a paire of netts; It: shee left to both her bretheren a sheep betwixt ym; It: to the minister a lambe; To Willm: Teere 6d in his hands; It: she left of her cloathes to her sister Bessy a redd coat; to Bahey 3 yards of hurghan; It: to her mother a coate & my weskcott; It: she ordained her daugr: Issable Camaish her sole execur of all the rest of her goods wtsoever; It: shee willed yt if the child dye under yeeres, she bequeathed ye halfe of her goods to her husband, & ye other half to her brothers & sister Item: she left the tuition of the child to himselfe, if he use her well & if he doe not use her well, then shee left ye tuitione of her said child to her brothers & sister; It: she decreed ye yr was due to her from Phillip Camaish 5s The father sworne in forme of law testes John Quirk Thee brothers sworn supvisors Willm: Teere J: Huddlestone juratus pbatum et solvit xd[10d] Sr Jo: to swear ye other witnes The Invent: of the said testatrix prised by 4 sworne men Joh: Teare, Jo: Crebbin, Willm: Teere, & Joh: Ffarther as followeth all goods wtsoever moveable & unmoveable amounts to .............................. 01£ - 19s - 0d The half of ye childs goods in ye hands of ye survisor: & hath given pledges Ricd: Kneele The halfe in ye fathers hand & hath given pledges in form of law Willm Cowle July ye 12th 1672: Bessy Cleter being at yeeres came ys day to ye Records & acknowledgeth to have received into her custody all such goods as belongeth to her by the death of her sister Catherin: & acquits all other whom it concerns: being 6s 3d Nor: ye 14 1671: Mr Ewan Curghy enters against ye execr for the sume of 5s due debt claimed here & also in her husband will Willm: Camaish & craveth feb 2d 1671/2: Willm: Teere for himselfe & in the behalfe of ye execrs of his wife enters against ye execrs of Cathe: Cleter for 6s & 20 dayes sheareing due debt &tc May the 13th 1695 Jon: Christian husband to the above Isabell Camaish came to ye Record and doth acknowledge to have re ceived from the hands of his unkell and Aunt Will: Clater and Bahee Clater full satisfaction ------- ----- due to her his sd wife by ye death of Kath [crumbled bottom edge] --- concerned ------ ---- ----- Sayle & Jo: Skiner -------- Keicly[?]

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