William Howland 1670

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Date: 27 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #101 Bride, of William Howland, dated 19 January 1669/70: 
Summary: wife is not mentioned, son Michael, son John, son William in Ireland, son William junior, also: William Howland, 
Donold/Daniel Howland, William Camaish, William Howland of the Kimray/Kimmeragh, Donold/Daniel Christian of Ballakey

Bryde January 19 - 69 In Noie dei amen, I Wm Howlayne senr in pfect memory praised be Gd make my last will ut sequitur, &c Inprmis I comitte my soule to Gd & my body to Xtian buriell It: I leave to be bestowed upon the people yt night yt I am lodged ijs - 4d; It: I leave to Wm Howlayne xvs; It: to Donald Howlayne a newe paire of breeches & this coate which I nowe weare; It: to Wm Camaish all which hee owes mee; It: I leave to my son Mitchell viijs wch is behynde of his porcon and vjd legasye; It: I leave to my son John Howlayne ijs legasy; It: I leave to my son Wm Howlayne in Irland a blankett or a sheete; It: I constitute & ordayne my son Wm Howlayne junr my true & lawfull exec: of all the rest of my goods move= able & unmoveable & to see my last will pformed further my will is & soe I Declare yt I clayme nothinge from Wm How= layne of the Kimray neither doth he owe mee any thinge It: Due to mee from Do: Xtin Ballakey .... 0 - 1s - 0 It: hee lefte legasye to Wm Camaish & Pat Cowle snr: vjd apeece testes Pat: Cowley senr:} William Camaish } jurati pbatum et solvit 6d The execr sworn in form of law [Found with ArW 1670A #95 Andreas, of Alice Kneale alias Teare:] Janry: ye 26th 1670 Willm: Howland enters against ye execr of his father Willm Howland for 20s due debt & craveth tryall

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