Donald Christian 1670

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Date: 30 November 2017
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119	Archdeacon Will 1670A #103 Bride, of Daniel/Donold Christian of Ballakey, recorded 28 December 1670 (per will of son Daniel Christian, ArW 1670A #105):  
Summary: heir [Donold/Daniel, died soon after, see ArW 1670A #105], wife alive, son John Christian, dau Mally, daughter Alice (executor of age,
?was she married to Michael Lace), brother William Holme, supervisors (brothers): Ewan Christian & Daniel Christian; also Michael Lace

In noie dei amen, I Donald Christin Ballakey sick -------[fold & torn] whole in mynde & pfect memory praised be God doe m-------[fold & torn] last will & manr: & forme followinge Inprmis I committe my Soule to God and my body to Xtian bury----[fold] It: I leave to the poore 5s, to be given them the day of my bu----[fold] all; It: I leave to my heire halfe the plough of oxen, halfe the crope of corne & my pte of all the geares belonging to husban= drye; It: my will is that my sd heire shall also pay halfe all my debts that falls one my pte; It: more I leave to my said heire iiij sheepe, 1 mutton & ij yearlings; It: I leave my pte of a feather bed to my wiffe; It: I leave to my son John Xtin xxs[20s], It: I leave to my daughter Mally Xtin xxs[20s]; It: I leave to my two sd ----[fold] tere each of them when they goe for themselves a boule of ----[fold] ly apeece & yt to be pde ym by my heire; It: I leave to the old Moore Clarke 1 yearlinge; It: I leave to my brother Wm Holme 1 sheepe, Lastly I constitute & ordayne my daughter Ales Xtin sole execr: of all the rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoever & to see this my last will pformed; I appoint Ewan Xtin & Do: Xtin supervisors of my children; It: to ye minister a mutton testes Wm Howlayne } pbatum et solvit 6d John Christin} jurati Don: Christins Inventorie Invatory taken prced by Jo: Lace, Do: Kaighin, Mitchel Howlayne & Do: Cotter, Note also yt the executrix is at lawfull yeares & hath taken Deliverance of all the goods herselfe yt is due to her The whole Invent: comes in all to ................... 6 - 5 - ----[torn] It: more to bee added in sheepe all priced to ....... 2 - 1 ----[torn] Received from the hands of Gilbrte: Lace the summ of The Executr: at age, sworn in Corte and hath 20s upon ye above Testators given pledges secundum forman legis Wm How----[torn] account by me and Nich: Moore Gilbert Lace tot: 8£ - 6s - beside the dim: crop & ----[torn] Invent: of Jony Xtin alas Howlayne prced by 4 sworne men, the execr is at lawfull yeares to Administt: All amounpts to ................. 0 - 18s - 6d pledges secunda forman legis Willm: Howland & Mitchall Kneale [next page] The Invent: of Donll: Christian praised by Donll: Kaughin, Michell Howlan, Willm Kaughin, Nicho: Moore £ s d It: dj plow & plough gere ........................... 0 - 3 - 6 It of harrows, carrs, straddle & ladder ............. 0 - 1 - 8 It: dj 2 foot spaids dj grape dj English spade ...... 0 - 1 - 6 dj 3 oxen ........................................... 3 - 1 - 6 dj 7 sheep dj 4 lambs .............................. 0 -14 - 0 It: dj plow ......................................... 0 - 0 - 6 It: dj crop of corne unprised The corbs 1 chist .... 1s-6d, ye rest being prised The goods in ye custody of ye sister Alice Xstian & hath ----- pledges in form of law ..... Nicho: Moore & Donll: Xstin ------ & church dues to be ----- ----- ---- 5s 4d ---- ---- ------ ----ian s---- & brothr to Dan: ------- [on a slip of paper] June ye 14th 1671 Received at and from the hands of Michell Lace the sum of 10 shillings curant money of England which was due unto me from Donold Christian of Ballakey in full discharge I say received the above mentioned sum p me John Christian his mrk wittness John Corkish Received at & from ye hands of Michell Lace the sum of 4 shillings currant money of England which was due unto me from Donold Christian of Ballakey the full discharge I say received the above mentioned sum Annie Mallaraie[?] her mark X

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