Christian Cormode alias Casement 1670

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Date: 30 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #104 Bride, of Christian Cormode alias Casement, dated 8 March 1670/1:
Summary: no husband mentioned, daus Christian & Margaret Cormode, sons Patrick & William (has a Contract) Cormode, granddau Catharine Cormode; 
also: Philip Crenile, Margaret Cross (witness), William Cowle (witness & pledge), Christopher Joughin (pledge); 

Bryde March 8th - 70 In nomine Dei amen, I Christian Caismeene sicke in body but whole in mynd & pfect memory praised be God, make my last will as followeth; Inprmis, I committe soule to Gd & body to Stian bury= all; I leave to the poore at my execrs: discretion to give; It: I leave my clothes linin & woollen to my daughters Xtian & Margt: Cormode & they to agree for them amongst themselves; It: I leave to my son Pat: Cormode a blanckett & to my daughter Margt: ano= ther blankett; It: I leave to my sonn Wm Cormode the bene fitt of this Contracon & wo---- returne to the exec: all such goods as he hath receaved from me viz: a cowe, a colt & halfe a steere; It: I leave to my son John Cormode all that was in his hands of my goods, and hee to give my grandchild Katherin Cormode a yew two yeare old; It: I leave to Phillip Crenilt a canvasse, It: of leave to Margt: Crosse an old coate, and I constitute my son Pat: Cormode sole execr: of all the rest of my goods & he to see my will pformed & myselfe honestly buryed testes Wm Cowle The execr: sworne in forme of law Margt: Crosse jurati pbatum et solvit xd[10d] The Invent of the said testatrix prized by 4 sworn men amounts to the sume of ....... 0£ - 06s - 0d all debts discharged pledges secunda forman legis Willm: Cowle & Xstopr Joughin

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