Isabel Key alias Corrin 1670

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Date: 1 December 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #107 Bride, of Isabel Key alias Corrin, wife of Daniel Key, died about 9 March 1670/1: 
Summary:  husband Daniel Key, children John (of age), Michael (of age), William, Daniel, & Richard Key
will of father in law: ArW 1656A #48 Bride, of William Key, died before 30 July 1656, wife is alive: 
dau Margaret Key, sons Daniel & William & John, grandsons John & Michael Key, also: Daniel Joughin

NOTE: The Old Typed Index lists this will as Daniel Key's will, but he is the husband

Bryde Issable Corrin wife to Danll: Key depted ys life intest----[torn] aboute ye 9th of March 1670; whereof the Court have inge intelligence hath Decreed her five children Admynistrators yt is John, Michell, Willm: , Donll: , & Ricd: Key, & the children at yeeres yt is Michell & John are sworne supvisors of the children under yeeres; a Legasie to the husband upon sight of ye Invent Decretum est Solvit 1s 14 days is given to brin in an Invent sub pena xs[10s] ad usum domi: The Invent: of the said testatrix prized by 4 sworne men all debts not discharged amounts to ..........01£ - 14s - 00d The goods in the custody of Joh: & Michell Keey two of ye Admynistrators & hath give pledges for ye forthwoming of goods belonging to ye children under yeeres in forme of law Donll: Keey ye father & Willm: Kaughin Sumner Debts deducted of the said Invent upon oath by the father upon ye execrs: pt ....................... 01£ - 10s - 00d Mar 3d 1670 John ----- enters against ye Admynistrators of Issable Corrin for the sume of 13s - 6d, due debt & craveth tryall

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