Donald Cottier 1670

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Date: 1 December 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #108 Bride, of Daniel / Donold Cottier, dated 25 November 1670:
Summary:  only son William, sister Margaret Cottier, wife alive

Bride 9ber 25 - 70 In nomine Dei amen, I Donald Cotter sicke in body but whole in m-----[torn] and pfect memory praised be Gd, doe make my last will & test-----[torn] in manr and forme following: Imprmis I committ my soule to -----[torn] my body to Xtian buryall &c; It: I leave to Wm Cottier m-----[torn] son 1s legasye and hee to bee supvisor of my childe, also I le-----[torn] him one paire of lockens, It: I leave to my sistr Margt: Cotter vj-----[torn] It: I constitute and ordayne my only son William Cotter -----[torn] and lawfull eecutr: of all the rest of my goods moveable & unm-----[torn] and the tuition of my child and goods to his mother, and yf h-----[torn] dye under yeares then my will is that his mother shall ha-----[torn] his goods whatsoevr: is due or belongs to him, also I leave -----[torn] my will pformed; further my will is that my son Wi-----[torn] to lawfull yeares shall have none of my goods while his -----[torn] but what remaynes after her death, what shee please -----[torn] give him; It: I leave one Jo: Gouldsmyth 1s, Do:Xtin 1s, Do: Xtin -----[torn] testes Wm Kneale pbatum et solvit 6d Charles Moore jurati Invent: priced by 4 sworn men viz: Jo: How-----[torn] Mitchell Howlayne & Do: Kaighin £ s It: the whole Invent comes to ............. 2 - 7 -----[torn] besides the funerall chardges deducted pledges secunda tamen legis Donll: Keey et Willm: Kaughin The wife is sworne to bring in a tru & to pforme t-----[torn] [More seems to have been written but is torn off.] [next page] Jan ye 13th 1670 at KK Bryde Charles Christian Moore & Willm Kneele being examine ----[torn] oath to--ling yt line be or branch of Danll: will, ----[torn] left ye remainder of his goods before ye wife Decease or after, ----[torn] upon oath; yt ye left ye child execr & the goods & child unto his wife, & not to p----[torn] any of the goods, till the sale wt goods remained at her lar----[torn] day: & further said yt it was good goods to the cild to have h----[torn] brought up & if ye child dyed under age ye goods to fall to ye wife Charls Moore Willm Kneele Ewan Xtin, Ann Cotter & Cathe Kaughin with the former witnes----[torn] have declared upon oath, yt the said Donll: said, after his ----[torn] was made, yt it was good enough for the child have him ----[torn] upe; & if the child dye under yeeres the goods to fall to ye wif A Court in KK Xst Mar ye 7th 1670

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