Isabel Moore alias Watterson 1670

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Date: 2 December 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #110 Bride, of Isabel Moore alias Watterson, dated 8 November 1670:
Summary:  husband Nicholas Moore, eldest son Thomas Moore, 2nd son John, dau Catharine, dau Alice 
?sister:  ArW 1678A #10 Bride will of Joney Watterson, dated 26 February 1677/8: William Watterson, 
John Cowle (did not take care of her), Nicholas Moore (executor) 
?relationship: ArWills note dated 16 April 1671, written by Henry Watterson of Colby, Arbory, to cousin Nicholas Moore, 
clerk of KK Bride, regarding Henry's wife Joney Cubbon being owed 2£ from deceased Sir John Crellin

No: the Eight: 1670 ffeb pved March 12th 1671 This is affirmed to be ye Last will & testament of Issabl Waterson alis Moore: first she commited her Soule to God & her body to Christian buryall; Item, she left to her eldest son Tho: Moore 40s, & her right in ye house in Rushin; It: she left to her second son Joh: 40s & a heffer & her right in the house here if her husband please; It: shee left to her daugr Cathe: 3s; It: to her daugr Alice dj fir: barly & a sheepe; It: to Sr Joh: 1s; It: shee ordained & appointed her husband Nicho: Moore sole execur of all the rest moveable & unmoveable wtsoever The execr sworn in form of Law Testes Will: Corkish pbatum est et solvit 6d Joh: Huddlestone Debt due to ye testator from Willm Quaile in KK Xst: 30s, from ---hi: Mcylcarran 30s, from Tho: Stephen 15s, from Isab: ---kas 15s, from Charls Cowle 20s, from Jo: Joughin 8s from ye Gennerall Sumner 18d, from Michell Moore 5s 6d from Jo: Cotter xs[10s] ----ye 1th 1672 ---rk Christian enters against ye execr: of Issable Moore alis Waterson for ye summ 4s due debt & craveth prosses: [torn]----Coule enters against ye exer of Issable Waterson for 24s due for ----[fold] [torn]----ds 2 yeeres, for catle scoreing 5s & sheepe scoreing 3s [The following is upside down at the crumbled bottom of the page:] ----- ------ ------ -------- -------------------- in ye ------------- --------- -----eable pte of thee goods & legasye ---- Co---- fer C--- the law bynd children on the next of -en, ----- 3 whether doth not the children & goods goe together; [next page] A true Invictory of all ye goods of Elezabath Watterson presed as ffolloweth £ s d Item for halef of all ye corne ............................ 1 - 2 - 0 Item for halef a fissinge bode with saile and netts } halef of all geares belonginge to her..........} ..... 1 - 4 - 0 Item: for halef of all houshould stoffe ................... 0 - 2 - 0 It: for halef a peare of loames and geares ................ 0 - 10 - 0 Item: for ten sheepe ...................................... 0 - 10 - 8d Item for ye thirde part of 2 hefers one oxe & a cow ....... 1 - 2 - 6 Item: for ye thirde part of 2 mares and one boke .......... 0 - 19 - 0 Item for ye third part of 2 colts ......................... 0 - 6 - 8 Item for halef of one bedstock with barrells and ----urds halef a pott ----- a gredell ................. 0 - 4 - 0 summ 5£ - 5s - 6s - 6od pledge in for of law [fold]---- ----- -----le

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