Christian Kerruish alias Cowle 1670

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Date: 3 December 2017
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Archceacon Will 1670A #113 Maughold, of Christian Kerruish alias Cowle: 
Summary: son Robert with children, dau Catharine Kerruish, son Ewan, also Bessy (?granddau); witness William Kerruish & Ewan Crenilt
Maughold parish register: Vxor Kerroush, Balnebarne, buried 11 December 1670
will of husband:  ArW 1654A #58 Maughold of William Kerruish, died 29 Sep 1653, wife is alive: son Robert & Ewan, 
dau Catharine (underage), wife alive, witnesses: William Cowle & William Kerruish
Maughold parish register: Wm Kerruish buried 29 September 1653

Maughold This is affirmed to be the last will & testamen of Christian Cowle, first commited her soule to God & her body to Christian buryall: It: shee bequeathed a sheep to her sonn Robt: & her grandchildren joyntly one sheep Legasie betwixt ym; It: she constituted & ordained her daughter Catherin Kerouish executrix of all the rest of her goods movable & unmoveable wtsoever; It: to her sonn Ewan a blankett of raw cloath yt was ----- her: It to beq to give to Bessy & at----t to her granddaughter; It: she bequeathed allso to the said Ewan a quarter of wt sheepe shee had in consideracone of wt goods was due to him by his father & allso to him 6d Legat; It: to Rob: 6d Legat besids the halfe crowne he ought her, shee left to him allso Testes: Willm Kerrouish The execr sworne in form of law Ewan Crenilt jurati pbatum et solvit 6d The Invent of the said testatrix priced by 4 sworne men amounts to ......................... 17s - 0d Due from Willm Cal--- .............. 6 - 6d Willm Kerrouish Ewan Crenilt pledges secunda forman legis

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