Mally Callow alias ? 1670

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Date: 3 December 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #114 Maughold, of Mally xxxx alias Callow, dated 16 March 1670/1: 
Summary:  dau Isabel xxxx, son in law John Christian, witnesses: Robert Callow & Edward Christian & John Christian
Maughold parish register:  Maryed Callow    buried   8 March 1670/1

NOTE: Parish register lists her as 'Maryed Callow' at her burial, but Will clearly names her Mally Callow. 
Question: Is this an instance of confusion due to nicknames?  Maryed means 'little Mary', and Mally is a Manx nickname for 'Mary'.

Maughold March ye 16 (70) The last will and testament of Mally Callow -----[torn] committed her soul to God, and her body to Chris-----[torn] Itt: to her daughter Isable a gray petticoate and -----[torn] =chife; It: she left all ye rest of her goods -----[torn] unmoveable unto her son in law John Chris----- [torn] constituted her executor and to see her sent -----[torn] Testes Robt Callow } The execur sworn in form -----[torn] Edw: Christian } jurati John Christian juratus pbatum et solvit -----[torn] The Invent of the said Testatrix taken & priced by 4 sworn men amounts to ...................... 12s 0d The goods in ye custory of ye execr & hath given pledges John Stole

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