Daniel Corrin 1670

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Date: 5 December 2017
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Episcopal Will 1670E #002 Braddan, of Daniel Corrin of Douglas, died at sea about 29 November 1669: 
Summary:  2 children William and Isabel at age, wife alive

KK Bradan Daniell Corrin of douglasse goeing out of ye Island above xxtid -----[fold] hath' dyed Intestate as wee have heard by sevrall informacons, whereof the -----[fold] having intelligence hath decreed his 2 children viz Wm and Issable -----[fold] (who are both at age) his lawfull Administratrs: of all his goods movable -----[fold] whatsoever, and the wife therfore upon oath to bring in a pfect I-----[fold] all his debtlesse goods, wch are to be depossitted into ye hands of ye sd children who -----[fold] in bonds for their forthcoming (and to ecure ye office) if in case hee bee yet a-----[fold] come to ye Island; and in case it be suspected that ye wife doth conceale a-----[fold] from ye Administratrs: then a Jury of Inquiry is to bee Empanelled; All wc-----[fold] pformed, the Admrs: is liable to ye paymt: of all his debts that can be law-----[fold] Salvo tamen vincuig Decretum et solvit 2s suo jure The wife doth alledge that shee redeemed some houses (wch her husband had -----[fold] wth her own & p goods, wch shee must make appeare by sufficient testimon-----[fold] a month before the Viccrs Genrall any one of them; otherwise the Administr-----[fold] their p p interest due upon ye death of their ffather aforesd March ye 13th 70/1: John Murrey entrs: against ye Adminrs: of Daniel Corrin for ye just summe of eight pounds sterl: due as hee can make to appeare & craveth tryall

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