Mary Langley alias Moore 1670

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Date: 6 December 2017
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Episcopal Will 1670E #006 Braddan, of Mrs Mary Langley als Moore, died about 16 May 1670, intestate: 
Summary:  son xxxx Langley minister in England, next relation on the Island is (?cousin) Alice Moore
See ArWills 1628 Malew: Mrs Mary Langley alias Moore [married to Matthias Langley] complained against by Mrs Jane Stanley 
for apparently accusing Jane of impropriety with Mr Thomas Mollyneux, 1628 Malew Parish
Mary Langley als Moore, wife of Matthias, deed of gift 1633 #24 Malew
will/deed of gift of husband:  ArW 1633A #24 Malew, Deed of Gift of Matthias Langley, constable 
at Castle Rushen, Malew, made 30 xxxx 1633: wife Mary Langley alias Moore, children (underage) 
will of ?father: ArW 1630A #03 Malew, of Thomas Moore of Whitehouse, Malew, has land at Hango Hill dated 6 November 1629: wife is alive, son in law? 
Mr. [Matthias] Langley & his wife [Mary Moore], nephew John Moore (sister's son), Alice Radcliffe, Jane Kneale, Thomas Quirk the younger, William 
Pichard/Pickard, godson Robert Quirk, sister Elizabeth Moore, Thomas Quirk, nephew Thomas Moore (brother Charles' son) and Thomas's sisters Alice Moore 
& Catharine Moore, Silvester Radcliffe is uncle to Alice & Catharine Moore

Bradan Mrs Mary Langley depted this life about ye 16th of May 1670 i------[fold] wherof the Church haveing Intelligence hath decreed her onely sone ------[fold] Langley in England (minister) Administratr: of all her goove movab------[fold] unmovable whatsoever, and the next relayted in the Island viz: Allice ------[fold] Moore are to take ye goods into their coostody, Impowred to ------[fold] to give pledges for ye forthcomeing of all ye debtlesse goods, for and to ye use ------[fold] of ye sd Administratr: or his Executrs: and Assignes Decretum et solvit 2s Salvo tamen vincuit A will is pduced & proved, & recorded ------[fold] suo jure the booke of the next cirafit Allice Moore is sworn at this Cort at dowglasse to be sworne at Castletown June ye 9th 1670 David Murrey of Castletown entrs: his clame against ye Admr: of of Mrs Mary ------[fold] for ye summe of nien shillings eyght pence sterl: & craveth tryall June ye 9th 70 Phillip Brew entrs: for ye sume of xs[10s] in behalfe of ye Executrs of ------[fold] Brew, & craveth tryall Sepbre 6th 70: John Ottiwell of Castletown merch: entrs: his clame against ye Administratr: of Mrs Mary Langley for ye summe of nien pounds sterl: due debt as hee can make to appeare and craveth tryall

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