Bessy Kewley alias Callow 1670

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Date: 7 December 2017
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Episcopal Will 1670E #007 Marown, of Bessy Kewley alias Callow, died 10 April 1670, intestate:
Summary:  children Bessy and Alice Kewley (of age by 1676), husband alive
NOTE: The Old Episcopal Index lists her as 'Mally Callow', but the name is clearly 'Bessie Callow'.

KK Marrown Bessie Callow depted this life ye 10th of Aprill 1670, intestate, wherof the ------[fold] haveing intelligence hath decreed her 2 children Bessie and Allice Kew------[fold] of all her goods movable & unmovable whatsoever, the next of kinread ------[fold] side supvisors, and a Legacie to ye husband upon sight of ye Inventory Salvo tamen vincuig Decretum et solvit 2s 6d suo jure [next page] K Marrown A true Inventorie of the goods & chattels of Bessie [fold]---wley alias Callow first as followeth praised by [fold]---aine sworne men viz: Robt Kewley, Mich: Kewley [fold]---h: Kewley, Robt: Ff Paull Ffayll: [fold]--- one cow praysed to ............. 00 - 16 - 00 [fold]--- another cow .................... 00 - 14 - 00 [fold]--- one mayre & a fole ............. 00 - 10 - 00 [fold]--- one colte & pte of a horse ..... 00 - 9 - 00 [fold]--- foure sheepe & 2 lambs ......... 00 - 7 - 00 [fold]--- houshold stuff ................. 00 - 2 - 00 [fold]--- one quarter of the crope of corne ................................ 00 - 13 - 00 Note ye qrter cropp is for the Executrs: to be pd in kinde, or ye price, whether they please [fold]---ay the 23th 1670 The goods in ye ffathers hand who is sworne in Cort, and hath given pledges John Ffayle & Wm Kelly Oct: 28th 1676 Allice Kewley being at lawfull yeares came this day to ye Records, and acknowledgeth her selfe fully satisfyed contented and payd for ye one moitie of the above Invent of her mother: and therofre acquitts her ffather and his pledges for ye sume for ever, as wittnesse her subscripcon wittnesse Allice Kewley her mark X Rich: Ffox

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