John Cannell 1670

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Date: 7 December 2017
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Episcopal Will 1670E #009 Onchan, Articles of Marriage made 2 January 1645/6, William Cannell (son of John Cannell of Balycrynan, Michael) and Arick/Averick 
Cannell (daughter of John Cannell of Tromode, Onchan & his wife Isabel) are to marry, accepted 7 June 1670 as the will of John Cannell of Tromode: 
?see also: ArW 1659A #23 Michael of Joney Cannell als Lewin, died 24 February 1658/59: son William Cannell junior (md Jane Craine), grandsons Patrick & Philip 
Cannell, son Thomas Cannell, dau Bahie Cannell (?md xxxx Curghey), dau Margaret Cannell (?md xxxx Quayle), granddau Margaret Quayle, son William Cannell of 
Tromode, son Charles Cannell, grandsons Patrick & William Cannell, sister Catharine Lewin, also: Margaret Cordeige, Mally Quayle, Mally Cottier, Richard Cannell, 
Mally Lewin, Joney Fargher, Catharine Quayle, also Bahie Curghey entered a claim for part of the executorship
Braddan parish register:  Jo: Canell, Tromode     buried   18 April 1670
Braddan parish register:  xxxx Cannell wife of Jo: Cannell, Tromode,    buried  27 December 1688
Braddan parish register:  John Cannell of Tromode    buried   19 January 1723
Braddan parish register:   Mary Cannel,  Tromode      buried  23 June 1732
Braddan parish register:   John Cannel infant from Tramoad     buried 19 Sept 1744
Braddan parish register:   xxxx Cannel, xxxx of John Cannell, Tromoad     buried 14 July 1760
Braddan parish register:   Mary Cannel als Crow, Tromoad    buried  25 December 1774
Braddan parish register:   Robert Cannel of Tromoad      buried  4 January 1776 
Braddan parish register:   Elinor an infant dau of Robert Cannel (deceased) & Elinor Cannel als Hinley, of Tromoad,   buried 29 April 1776

Artickles of Aggreement concluded & agg------[torn] the seacond day of January 1645, but and be------[torn] John Cannell of Tromode in the pish of KK Con------[torn] on the one pte And John Cannell of Ballacree ------[torn] in the pish of KK Michaell, on the other pte as fo------[torn] vizt: Imprmis: it is aggreed upon betweene the said ptyes that -----[dark] place of God, a marriage is, shortly to bee had & solemptiezed be-----[dark] weene William Cannell, sonne of the above named John Cannell of Ballacrynane & Aricke Cannell daughter of the said John Cannell of Tromode, for consideracon of wch intermariage soe to bee had [fold]--- solempnized, the said John Cannell of Tromode & Issabel his wife doe hereby absolutly give, grant, convey & confirme unto the said Willim & Aricke Cannell, their heyres, Executors & assignes All that their quarter of Land pcell of Tromode afforesaid not in the possession of the said John Cannell of Tromode, wth all & singu----[crumbled] houses, out=houses, easements proffits & comodetyes whatsoever ----[crumbled] the said quartre of Land belonginge or in any wise appteyninge To have and to hould all & singular the said quarter of land pmisses wth the appurtences unto the said Willm: & Aricke Cannell and to the heyres of their two bodyes lawfully to be begotten from immediatly after the decease of ye said John Cannell & Issabell his wife and alsoe all their goods moveable & unmoveable, But if it shall happen that either of the said John Cannell or Issabell shall d----[crumbled] That then it shall bee Lawfull for the said Willm: & Aricke to enter into the possession of half the said quarter during the lyffe of the survyvor of the said John & Issabell and after both their Desseases, to bee to them ye said Willm: & Arvricke as afforesaid th----[crumbled] heyres & assignes for ever Itm: the said John Cannell of Ballacrynane doth hereby bind himself his executors & admynistrators in consideracon of the said quarter of Land before, hereby & herein, unto his said sonne Willm: and the said Aricke, (conveyed, granted & confirmed as afforesaid) to well and truely pay satisfie and consent unto his said sonne Willm: the full sume of Ten pounds sterl:, of lawfull and currant money of and in England upon demand as the said Willim shall have occasion to use the same, In witnes where by the said pties first above wirtten have he----[crumbled] unto putt their hands & seales, the day & yeare first above written John Cannell his mrke Issabell Cannell hr mrke John Cannell his mrke The wthin written Articles were aggreed upon, se----[crumbled] signed and delivred by John Cannell of Tromode & Is----[crumbled] his wife wthin named in the prsence of us John Tunman Christopher Quay Nich Cunnery[?] [next page] The sealed, signed & delivred by the wthin named Jo Cannell of Ballacrynane in the prsense of us John Greenehalgh John Sharples Ewan Christian note that ye words and allsoe all their goods moveable and unmoveable, is interlyned in the originall Copia vera Exam: p me Richd: Tyldesley Cleric Ro----ld Enrolled at ye instance of ye pty chiefly concerned in the chancery booke for ye yeare 1669, for better saftie & prser vation June ye 7th 1670 This Contraction Bargaine proved before Mr Deemster is accepted of instead of the will of John Cannell Tromode d-----[fold] to all intents and purposes who hath noe other goods left then what is menconed in -----[fold] foresd, as affirmed by ye oath of his sone in law William Cannell suo jure Decretum et solvit 1s vjd

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