Catherine Sandsbury alias Duccan 1670

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Date: 13 December 2017
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149	Episcopal Will 1670E #020 Malew, of Catharine Sansbury alias Duccan, dated 27 March 1670: 
Summary:  daughter in law Jane Sansbury alias Woods
Malew parish register:  Cath: Samsbury als Duccan      buried  10 April 1670
?husband: Malew parish register:  William Samsbury    buried 18 May 1665
NOTE: ArW 1666A #20 Malew, of Marriad Bell alias Duccan, buried 3 February 1666/7, husband Henry Bell is alive: Marriad left a smock and a red petticoat to the wife of 
William Sansbury; A smock and petticoat are included in the 1670 will of Catharine, 3 years later, ?the same smock and petticoat that Marriad left 'uxor Willam Samsbury?

KK Malew March 27th 1670 The last will and testament of Cath: Duccan alis Samsbury who c-----[fold] her soule to God and body to Christian buriall; Item, she consttuted & -----[fold] hter in law Jane Samsbury alis Woods her lawfull executrix of all -----[fold] gardens, lands and goods whatsoever with her blessinge with it all fo-----[fold] the said Jane was all that did looke to her in all the tyme of her sickness a-----[fold] looke very well to her Testes Tho: Parr pbatum et solvit vjd John Sh-----[fold] The goods viewed and priced by foure swarne men to witt Christo: Harrison, Nicho: Harrison, Edward Shimine & Jo: Skarfe as followeth: £ s -----[fold] Impris: ould blankett, canvest, smock petticoat, can, ould fledge 00 0-----[fold] Item ould stoone cheese chest dish & piggin ...................... 00 0-----[fold] Item 3 yards & 3 quarters of small lynyne cloath ................. 00 0-----[fold] Item five sives of oats xiiijd cloath 2d ....................... 00 0-----[fold] The exectr: at age sworn in Cort & h-----[fold] given pledges John Shimin & Tho: T-----[fold] June ye 8th 1670 Tho: Bell entrs: his clame for his Interest in a hous-----[fold] pcell of Land, and ijs vjd in money & craveth tryall

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