Karter/Charter Woods 1670

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 19 December 2017
Original: 0106202

Episcopal Will 1670E #026 Santan, of Karter / Charter Woods alias xxxx, died about April / May 1670, intestate: 
Summary:  husband Thomas Woods (died 25 April 1670, EpW 1670E #025), unmarried son Robert Woods, 
son Thomas Woods (married to Mally Kinnish, Christopher Kinnish was her father)

NOTE: This Will is not included in the Episcopal Index but was found with the Episcopal Wills immediately after her husbands will.

Charter Woods wife of Tho: Woods above menconed depted intestate and her sonne Robt: Woods unmarried is decreed Administr: Salvo tamen vincuigue Decretum et solvit vjd suo jure The Inv: xjs 8d [next page] June ye 8th 70 Martin Moore entrs: agst: ye Admrs: of Tho: Woods for ye summe of 14s sterl: & ------[fold] tryall Nich: Kinrey & Jane Kinrey entrs: against ye Admrs: of Tho: Woods for ye summe of sixe and ----[fold] shillings and 8d wth 2 bowles of bar: & craveth tryall June ye 9th 1670 Tho: Woods in his life time acknowledged before Sr: Patrick Thompson Viccr: Genrall that hee was indebted unto Ellin Bancks als Christian the summe of 9s sterl: yett out of her good will did forgive him 5s therof paying ------[fold] the other 4s upon St Anns day last: Therfore ye sd 4s is to be paid in the ------[fold] because ye major part of ye debt was remitted

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